West Program
West Program
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Every year one student from Seowon University gets to participate in the WEST program. Students who participated in the WEST program last year didn't pass the final interview on their first try. Students who are participating in this program this year passed the final interview on their first try.

Seowon University students are not the only university students interested in this program. Many students from different universities compete to be selected in the WEST program because this program helps students get jobs. Many students participate in Work Holiday, but some companies do not view that program experience as important. When students participate in the WEST program they get support from the Korean government and can get jobs in companies domestically or overseas.

WEST program, Work English, and Study & Travel program are foreign internship programs supported by the Korean government. Students can study English in the United States, work for companies, and see the sights during a 6~ 18 month period. Students can learn and use life and business English. Students can work in various fields of their choice and get a better chance of finding a job when they come back to Korea.

WEST program selects students who have a really good real ability in English. There must have good grades, a self-introduction paper, and Korean and English interviews.
This program provides students with great opportunities for useful life experience, a foreign internship, studying English, and sightseeing. Also, because the Korean government provides airfare and the cost of living students have less of a financial burden for this trip.

The reason why I am introducing the WEST program is because two students from Seowon University were selected this year. One of the students is Kim Yeji, a junior at English major, Seowon University. I interviewed one of the students Kim Yeji, a junior in the English department, about her thoughts on participating in this program.

Q. What did you do to gel selected to this program?
A. My professor recommended this program to me when I was a freshman. I have experience of living in Texas when I was a high school student. I am interested in this program naturally because it gives me the chance to go to America one more time. Since my freshman year I have tried to improve my school grade and TOEIC score, since I first heard about the program. After that, I passed a self-introduction paper and interview. I will participate in this program for 12 months.

Q. How did you prepare for applying to this program?
A. I carefully prepared a self-introduction prepared and an interview. First, I had my composition corrected by a professor Jo Hyeiyeon. Through trial and error and having my paper edited eight times I finally had a good paper. Thanks to my professor, I got a good result. After I passed the document part, I prepared for Korean and English interviews with my tutor. I also practiced interviewing with professor Shin Jinbum. As a result of my preparation I had confidence and was not nervous when I was interviewed.

Q. What part of the application process did you think was the most important?
A. The interview. I practiced for the interview more and more so I would not be nervous and make a mistake. Also, I answered only with facts and had a confident attitude.

Q. After coming back Korea, what will you do?
A. I want to get work as an aerial navigator or a hotel service worker after graduation. If I am assigned to the field of my preference, I will do my best. After I come back to Korea, I’ll do my best during my last semester to get a good job.

Q. What do you want to say those preparing for the WEST program?
A. Basically, English ability is the most important part of being qualified for the West program. Therefore, I want to say that you must make English test scores a priority because the interviews are the last obstacles. Additionally, school grades are as important as English test scores.
Finally, the president of Seowon University and the tutor congratulated her success in the program and said that they hope she has a successful internship.

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