Brighten Youth through Volunteer Activities
Brighten Youth through Volunteer Activities
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A volunteer activity is not done by compulsion. It is a helping act caused by one’s thoughtfulness to really help other people. But lately, volunteer activities for university  students are considered an additional necessity for getting a job.

The Social Volunteer Center at our university annually sends volunteer corps to increase mutual understanding and enhance South Korea’s national image and prestige by fostering cultural exchange among nations. Vietnam and Cambodia lack national and social infrastructure. And their GDP is far different than South Korea so Seowon University sends volunteer corps to those countries. The Social Volunteer Center selected 60 volunteers who were sent to Pnom penh in Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam from June 27th, 2016 to July 11th, 2016.

Volunteer activities are sorted as domestic activities and overseas activities. The domestic activities involve safely education and a conference for checking a training plan. The overseas activities are educational service activities, labor services and cultural exchange.

The educational service activities consist of Korean Language, paper art (balloon art), taekwondo and samulnori. The labor services include Habitat for Humanity, maintenance of the village pump, the school and the orphanage building. Finally, the cultural exchange includes a K-POP performance, a taekwondo tile breaking performance, gymnastics and exploring historical sites and tourist attractions. Our university is continually making connections with community members in other countries. ‘The diverse activities that we did remain a great memory,” he said. Total entry fee for this program is only 550,000 won. The Seowon News thinks that this is the best program in our university.

Though this volunteer opportunity you can brighten your youth. this program is available annually. The Seowon News recommends that our university students apply to these programs as well as other programs. The early bird catches the worm. Seowon students be ambitious!

Below are interviews of volunteers who were sent to Cambodia and Vietnam earlier this year.

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