A Leap for a Better University ‘New Step SEOWON 2023’
A Leap for a Better University ‘New Step SEOWON 2023’
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All universities are probably researching day and night how to make the best study environment and the highest quality education system. Our university is working for this harder than any other university. Nowadays, Seowon University is planning the vision ‘New Step SEOWON 2023’.

Seowon University is implementing a three step plan for school improvement. Step one is establishing educational competiveness and is currently underway with a goal to be completed in the (2015-2017) time period. Step two will improve building capacity and will be carried out in the period of (2018-2020). Step three will focus on mission realization and will be carried out in the period of (2021-2023). These steps are consistent with the educational goals that Seowon University is seeking. In addition, Seowon University is using a 4C strategy (creativity, convergence, challenge, change) to achieve these goals. There are thirty-six tasks that will be implemented in several areas including university management, education, staff, facilities, and finances.

The first step, education competitiveness addresses financial stabilization. The second step capability of establishment, improves educational competitiveness and financial management effectiveness. The last step is mission realization leads the best university graduates to get a job in the Chung-cheong area.

To summarize the most important key points for students, the university will develop students to fit business styles by cultivating creativity fusion based on the following strategies and concepts: NCS & specialized refinement, building quality management systems for education, strengthen the curriculum, teaching and learning capacity improvement, support systems of organization and process building for the improvement of curriculum, strengthening support for employment, and entrepreneurship. Through this process, Seowon University staff and students will achieve the desired education results they strive for.

Our school has secured excellent students and full-time teachers and is striving to strengthen and improve the following areas: integrated management system for student support psychology and career counseling support system, research support system, professionalism of the administration organization, and upgrade the performance based personnel system. Concerning improvement for basic education facilities there will be infrastructure development, improvement and expansion of student welfare facilities, and strengthening of support for students with disabilities.

New Step SEOWON 2023 includes a campus master plan for making a better university environment such as improving campus buildings and surrounding environment. The first three steps have already begun with a goal for being carries out from 2014 to 2028. The first step is to develop the application facility, campus base place, road, front gate and entrances. This makes the campus image better. The next phase connects the second step to the first step. The second step addresses the following: campus density balance, support facility improvement, infra the expansion, on-campus landscape maintenance, adding parking to the lower part of the playground to improve parking space, and adding campus signs on the front sides of buildings.

In the third step, our school will complete the creation of a new environment of the campus and will develop promotion of an exchange of students and businesses through the community center. This will make Seowon University’s atmosphere more beautiful, so it can attracts people’s minds and help make students proud.

The final step seems very big and very far away because we are only on the first step. But like an ant, when small things are gathered they make a big thing. So when 2023 arrives, our university will be transformed into the number one university as a result of the vision and leap that is taking place now. When students study hard to get a nice job they are aligned with these goals. With this approach, success will follow.

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