THAAD: A Double-Edged Sword?
THAAD: A Double-Edged Sword?
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These days the controversy concerning the use of THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, a short term missile defense system, is brewing between citizens and the government. China is especially in opposition to the THAAD system. THAAD is one of the most important components of America’s missile defense. It is a very effective defense system that bolsters military strength and can be used to protect densely populated areas from missiles. THAAD has populated areas from missiles. THAAD has two modes, end mode and forward disposition mode.

When the government announced that THAAD would be used as a defense system, many different opinions were given in support and in disagreement of this decision. Those in agreement for THAAD argue that it is a better missile defense system that the old one. Also, it can help South Korea be better prepared to defend against possible North Korea missile attacks. Furthermore, our nation is aware that China monitors us. For that China's position is wrong.

On the other side of the argument, verification of THAAD's performance and effectiveness has not been proven that it will intercept missiles. In addition, employing THAAD may result in China not cooperating in putting pressure on North Korea. It may lead our nation to a worse security situation. The political world also views this conflict in this context.

At first, more people supported THAAD than those who were against but it that isn’t true anymore. Adding to the growing opposition of THAAD is the concern of the radar's electromagnetic waves which has been said to cause health problems to citizens. concern the government changed the location of where THAAD is so it does not affect citizens. But this conflict isn't for us. China is on the opposite side of the THAAD arrangement. Consequently China has banned Korea's chartered planes, cosmetics, music and also other parts of Korean businesses. So it has resulted in monetary losses. Currently Korea cannot import products to China such as LG SHINIL, and so on. In the past, half of the China's banned import products were Koreans products. It has been said that the continuing customs clearance of Korea's products are because of China's revenge.

The THAAD conflict is an issue of maritime strategy, affects Korea's relationship with America and other various causes. It is a conflict that is expected to continue considering political changes occurring worldwide. The U. S. commander in chief of combined forces Vincent Brooks said arrangements will be made in July because of the opposition of China and the president impeachment in South Korea. to pau money to share the cost of defense. But Donald Trump who was elected just recently will want South Korea to pay money to share the cost of defense.

At this point, there are so marry variable and yes or no positions. As a nation we need be wise as we negotiate our national security and find a smart solution for our stance on THAAD.

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