Foreign Drama’s Teach Lessons
Foreign Drama’s Teach Lessons
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SherlockAs the internet developed and media became active, the cultural boundaries between countries became smaller as we can easily watch dramas from different countries. Along with this situation, watching foreign dramas is becoming an established hobby and form of cultural life for busy people. It is also an educational tool for learning about other languages and lifestyles outside of Korea, and it allows us to view things that we have not experienced before. With that in mind, I will introduce some of the educational dramas that are becoming popular around the world today.


- Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an science-fiction anthology drama produced in the U.K. It was produced by the satirist and broadcaster, Chalie Brouker. It was first made in the UK in 2011 and is still running. It is currently in season 4. Black Mirror broke down typical clichés of UK's dramas by using shocking subject matter which has caused it to be very popular worldwide. Most episodes of Black Mirror are based on impractical and satirical pessimism. It criticizes the unfair social structure and extremely expresses the negative effects that come about as science technology develops and media is activated. These dramatic elements eventually throw profound messages to viewers. Viewers can think about the problems of the information age and be concerned about problems hidden behind the development of technology and media.

- Sherlock

Sherlock is a popular crime drama series that reinterprets the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle, while retaining the original feelings. It was first made in the UK in 2010 and has continued to be aired until now. It is currently running in its 4th season. Every series has been organized by three episodes. The modern Sherlock is loved by the UK and around the world for its sensational video techniques and astonishing scripting to solve mysteries. Moreover, Sherlock is a useful show for many people in Asian countries that can help people learn English and learn about UK's culture.

- 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a drama based on the same name novel by Jay Asher, which deals with 13 reasons for driving a girl to suicide. The suicide of a girl named Hannah Baker puts a school in a messy atmosphere, after Hannah sends a double-sided cassette tape to Clay Jensen before her suicide. This is a drama that shows the big and small things that happen to growing children. It especially points out the problems experienced by female students. 13 Reasons Why recognizes the violence, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment that many women encounter. By pointing out this social problem, it contains a message that sexual discrimination surrounding women is not just a temporary or new thing, but a critical problem that our society needs to acknowledge and solve in a calm and objective way.


Glow is a comedic drama from the US. It is a story about the American women's professional wrestling association, which was modeled after the real life female wrestlers of Los Angeles in the 1980s. Glow is about an obscure actress, Ruth who eventually challenges women's wrestling to become a star. The title Glow is abbreviated for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. It refers to a promotional program to bring light to female wrestlers who have existed since 1986. The drama is not just meant to show success of women wrestlers, but it contains the message that women will end up victorious through their persistent efforts in self-searching, even when facing the menace of the men.

We can learn about other countries’ lifestyles, cultures, and problems that also affect our society when we watch foreign dramas. Therefore, if you hope to improve a foreign language and are concerned about social problems as a hobby, I recommend watching various foreign dramas

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