Touristification, A Growing Problem
Touristification, A Growing Problem
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The number of tourists and the economic scale of the tourism industry increases every year all over the world. Many people visit popular tourist attractions around world. This has brought about the benefits of both growth such as profit creation, and the effect of regional and national economic activation. However, it has also led to some negative side effects that lowers the quality of life for local residents. This negative aspect is called ‘touristification.’

Touristification is the combination of the words ‘touristify’ and ‘gentrification.’ Touristify means to become a tourist destination and gentrification is where residents are driven out of their town when it is commercialized. In other words, it describes when residents move because of increased noise, trash, and parking problems due to increased tourists visiting attractions where residents live. A few places of the many that this occurs in are Buk-chon Hanok Village, Korea, Barcelona, Spain, and Venice, Italy.

Buk-chon Hanok Village, located in Korea, is famous for preserving our Korean architecture, Hanok. Recently the tourist population has increased by 7 times of what it was before and now there are problems of noise, tour bus fumes, and privacy such as people opening the door to use the restroom. Consequently, local residents are not able to tolerate these problems and are moving to other places.

In Barcelona,Spain the population of residents is about 1.6 million but the number of tourists that visit this place is 32 million a year. As the tourists flood the city, many of the buildings have changed into hotels, and many of the local police officers who are responsible for city security have been bogged down with tourist control work. So, Barcelona authorities passed a bill that bans hotel construction to prevent property speculation.

A few months ago, in Venice, Italy, there has been a massive protest against tourists in Venice. Real estate prices began to skyrocket as tourists flocked to it, and as more and more people were staying in shared homes, the local residents gave their rooms to tourists and were living in other areas. Venice’s government has decided not to operate the resident-owned ships and will stop construction of hotels in the city.

Now, it is time for governments around the world to refrain from attracting unplanned tourists and to emphasize the need for responsible tourism of travelers who protect the environment, culture and residents of the country.

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