The Transformation of the City
The Transformation of the City
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The city where we live is gradually developing. The city is preparing to jump up to becoming a smart city where we can live safely and conveniently beyond our current level of functionality. Smart City is a future city that is connected by a communication network that combines high technology such as Information and Communications Technologies(ICT), and Internet of Things (IoT). The goal of Smart City is to make a safe, convenient, and pleasant city by utilizing IT skills. So, various technologies apply here.

We can take a close look at the technology introduced in Smart City by first examining the Smart Streetlight. This streetlamp not only illuminates in the darkness but also recognizes the surroundings and automatically controls the operation. Recently, an added ability of the Smart Streetlight is the gathering of traffic information and crime prevention by using CCTV. In fact, it has been installed in Gwangju-City since 2015 and is being used for crime prevention. Another example is the self-driving car. This is literally a car that drives on its own without a human driver. Some areas of Sejong City are selected as specialized areas for self-driving cars. So, in the near future, car and public transportation will be expected to run by autonomous driving. By using these advanced technologies, various urban problems such as traffic and danger are expected to decrease. Also, it may help to reduce regional disparity by developing less developed regions.

Smart City is being spotlighted throughout the world as well as in Korea. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is creating a smart city with convenience and practicality as its top priority. In 2009, they created the organization called Amsterdam Smart City (ASC). They conducted an experiment of the smart city idea after adopting the ideas of various people from companies and citizens. Barcelona, capital of Spain, has hosted 'Smart City Expo World Congress' for seven years. They switched the streetlight into a WiFi router and connected the dumpster and the parking lot to the IoT. The United States is building a smart city that focuses on smart mobility areas like self-driving cars. In 2016, The U.S. Transportation Department announced the 'Smart City Challenge Project', which supports a certain amount of money to cope with traffic problems and environmental protection, etc.

The world is getting ready for Smart City like this. The current government built a ‘Smart City Special Committee’ in October last year and is seeking ways to create a successful Smart City. We will soon be able to see Smart City. Therefore, we walk in step with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and should pay more attention in the Smart City.

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