Afraid to Speak : The Problem of Call-Phobia
Afraid to Speak : The Problem of Call-Phobia
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In Korea, the smart phone is indispensable. The Global Mobile Market Report shows that Korean people who have phones take 71.5% (3,626) of all data. In addition, Korea ranked first in mobile messengers use. This is because phones easily solve problems by just pushing a button. Because text messages are fast and all worked out, people are avoiding calls.

Students these days meet each other face to face, but do not talk. It’s because of using their phone. In the past, friends talked much and their area was noisy. Now, although they meet each other, they only text each other.

This problem isn’t just between friends. Parents and children have difficulties in communicating with each other because they have different ways of communicating with each other. When there is an urgent situation, a child constantly sends messages, but parents want to contact with calling. Then, a quarrel arises.

This social phenomenon also changes romance. Couples who say the phone is annoying don’t call enough in their relationships. Although there is a “sufficient dialogue” as a way to resolve conflicts or strengthen relationships between lovers, they can’t practice it.

Texting doesn’t work as well as conversation to solve complete problems. Trying to solve a personal problem with text messages can create more problems rather than solving them. People should try to overcome these individual difficulties. However, for those who have a problem, there is special solution. There is even an academy teaching ‘how to call well.’ In the past, we used to teach face-to-face speech skills, but now we coach the phone calling. The scope of education has expanded.

Academics are also offering advice. Firstly, ‘experience-learning’ is a solution for people with difficulty in conversation. Dr. Kim Dong-Cheol the CEO of Psychological Care Center said “Call-phobia, caused by only text messaging, can be prevented of mitigated through constant training” Talking to or contacting a comfortable person can be the beginning of this training. This is a way to increase experience by repeating a conversation with a friendly person.

‘Digital Detox’ is another way. Staying away your phone and planning non-phone activities is the key to the diet.

Lastly, you have to remember the ‘importance of communication’. We live all together because we are social animals.‘Conversation’ should be the basis for our society. Be brave especially student who is only active in Kakaotalk. Try to say hello to classmate. Maybe they will they will like it, and you become confident more.

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