Innovation School, a New Education System Model
Innovation School, a New Education System Model
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Innovation schools are the public schools that have a democratic school operating system, make ethical living communities and professional learning communities, and have a creative curriculum. When the innovation schools were established, there were only 13, now there are 1340 innovation schools. In Chungcheongbuk-do, the name of the innovation school is “Happy Seed School”. There are 40 schools in Chungcheonngbuk-do Province.

Innovation schools began In 2009, in Gyeonggi Province and the idea is spreading. Among 17 cities and Provincial Offices of Education in Korea, 13 cities and Provincial Offices of Education adopt the innovation school model.

A most remarkable thing in innovation schools is learner-centered education. Students become the owner of the classroom and foster creativity and collective intelligence through the discussion, group working and project classes which depart from traditional instructor-led teaching.

Innovation schools have some autonomy in running the school and curriculum. These schools can adjust the curriculum. They can alter teaching time for some subjects freely after consultation between principals and teachers. Also, the school can reduce the number of students per class about 25, so students get a high-quality education.

Innovation schools can get more money for new programs. Each Office of Education supports the innovation schools up to one hundred million won yearly. The school can spend the funds on educational equipment career exploration activities and field experience learning.

Innovation schools can recruit principals and teachers. The distinct feature of school operation is that the principle is appointed through a public offering and the principle can invite teachers up to 50 percent of all teacher members.

Any elementary or middle school can submit an application to become an Innovation School. After initial screening, if the local office of education approves, the promotion committee of the innovation schools deliberates and makes a final decision. Any elementary, middle or high school which desires local control of the school budget and curriculum is a special Innovation school. They go through a preliminary test for a year.

From March to August this year, the Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office of Education will develop a ‘future innovation school’ model. The pilot project based on the model is coming next year. It will develop students' capabilities which demanding for the fourth industrial revolution. I expect the innovation school, that changes as modern society changes quickly, to become more activated.

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