Let’s Go Transparent Society!
Let’s Go Transparent Society!
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Korean air, Candlelight rally, ME TOO campaign.

These words are showing the dark inner side of Korean society. Large candlelight vigils were held because the president's corrupt. And recently Korean Air’s owner used abusive language to their employees. So people were angry. The ME TOO campaign is affecting people from all walks of life. From last year up to present time, many people in many cases are demanding strong punishment for those who have abused them. So why are people more sensitive to corruption and demanding quicker action than in the past?

It is the people's desire for a transparent society.. A transparent society is a society in which people remove corruption in our society and monitor the power and status of the privileged class. The TI (Transparency International), a global anti-corruption organization, announced the rankings of countries in the CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index). Starting with New Zealand was ranked at number 1 for being the least corrupt. The top 12 countries were all European countries and Korea was ranked at 51st. Rwanda ranked at 48th, the Dominican Republic ranked 42nd, and Bhutan ranked 26th, indicating that each country's GDP and corruption indexes did not have a direct correlation.

New Zealand, the most transparent and livable country selected by Transparency International, has established a separate organization called SFO (Serious Fraud Office) for a transparent and fair society. SFO has a powerful authority which inquires about the legality of political funding, decomposition, and fraud, without a warrant from the government or court. Furthermore, New Zealand has Zero Tolerance, a law that applies to everyone equally regardless of social status and privilege.

Korea also has been trying for a transparent society for a long time, but Korea has had to go through growing pains and social chaos. Because of a prolonged dictatorship, there has been a struggle for democracy as it has been difficult to monitor the social elite. This struggle has finally led Korea finally to seek a social pact for a transparent society which began in 2005. There still are irregularities and corruption in every part of society, but Korea has started to overcome such corruption and is considering more and more the human dignity and rights of all people as important values.

Consequently, President Moon’s government team announced four major strategies of a 5.5 year anti-corruption comprehensive plan. It includes the following: shared integrity, a clean public society, transparent management circumstance, and practical integrity. This strategy involves the public in the entire process from policy establishment to evaluating and applying anti-corruption policies in the private sector. In addition the government announced Korea will raise its ranking in the CPI to 30th by 2020, and to 20th by 2022.

Korea's transparent society will need more work in the future. With institutional efforts to become a transparent society and if the level of law-abiding spirit increases, will Korea be closer to a transparent society more quickly? We hope that the privileged will be able to use their power and privilege for the socially weak.And also hope that the same laws apply to everyone, regardless of wealth and honor, so that all people can trust the nation and pursue their happiness.

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