'Garbage Crisis' Has Arrived to the World
'Garbage Crisis' Has Arrived to the World
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Last July, the Chinese Government regulated the importation of waste resources after banning imports of 24 kinds of solid waste from January 1st. They did this to protect its environment and people's health.

Most Korean waste is buried in landfill sites or incinerated. Other than that, we export our waste to other countries like China. We have exported about 25% of domestic recyclable waste to them. China have imported half of the world's recyclable waste all the while. However, as China takes measures to ban garbage imports, garbage crisis is occurring around the world.

-Reduce or Redirect

Exporters of garbage are preparing a waste disposal solution of waste disposal. In the UK,  forty companies, including major companies such as Coca-Cola and P & G, signed a 'Plastic Agreement' aimed at reducing plastic packaging and reusing packaging materials. The EC (European Commission) is discussing an imposition of environmental tax. America that has exported the largest amount of garbage to China is looking for ways to export garbage to other countries, including Vietnam and Malaysia.

Since the 1980s, China has been importing and recycling waste from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc. However, with advances in economy, waste in the China has increased and the environmental pollution became more serious by garbage collected from all over the world.

-Less Plastic Recycling?

Our country was hit hard by the garbage crisis. As the price of plastic fell due to the waste regulations in China, the garbage collection company in a metropolitan area declared that they will not collect plastic waste. So, the government sent out notice to the collection company saying that they should collect garbage normally. Currently, garbage is being collected in the borough. If rejection of waste collection continues, the government plans to let local governments collect garbage directly or entrust them to other private companies. Compounding this problem is the low level of recycling. Our country has not been able to recycle garbage efficiently because people did not separate trash well.

-A Time to Use Less Plastic

With less chances for recycling, Korea is forced to think about reducing. A lot of waste is produced unnecessarily because of excessive packaging. Companies should follow the container guideline and must strive to reduce packaging or make eco-friendly containers. Until then, the people should know how to separate the garbage correctly.

It is expected that the garbage crisis will be intensified due to China's stricter regulations. The government should be aware of the seriousness of the garbage problem and come up with more practical and effective measures. But the most important thing to overcome this trouble is the efforts and change of companies and people.

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