An Endless Tragedy, Syrian Civil War
An Endless Tragedy, Syrian Civil War
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[Infographic = By reporter, Pyeon Have-ran] Map showing relations between Syria and other countries
[Infographic = By reporter, Pyeon Have-ran] Map showing relations between Syria and other countries

The use of chemical weapons is a hot topic in the Syrian civil war these days. A suspicion has been raised that Syrian troops have been using chemical weapons to civilians, but they are denying this. At the beginning of April, more than 80 local people were killed due to chemical weapons attacks in the Douma city of Syria. To restrain the use of chemical weapons, the U.S, France and England attacked Syria. Due to the chemical weapons situation, the United States has canceled plans to take its army out of Syria. And the Syrian civil war is being called the greatest tragedy of the 21st century.

More than 470,000 civilians have been killed in the Syrian civil war. The survivors are trembling in fear and trepidation. They are Syrian refugees. There are an estimated 5.1 million to date. So, what is the cause of Syrian civil war?

The Syrian civil war began with the 'Arab Spring', a pro-democracy movement in the Middle East. The Arab Spring was sparked in Tunisia in the North Africa at the end of December 2010 and spread throughout the Arab, Middle East and North Africa. The Syrian people demonstrated against the dictatorial government. government forces attacked demonstrators and it turned into civil war. Syria is a nation of many races and religions. So, war is also complicated.

The Syrian civil war is expanding due to the intervention of neighboring country and the world powers. Syria sits at the eastern end of the Mediterranian Sea. Turkey lies on the Northern border, Iraq to the east and Lebanon, Israel and Jordan to the west and south. The Syrian civil war includes religious differences and international alliances. First, it includes religious conflicts between Syrian Shiite, a minority sect in Islam, and Syrian Sunni, a majority sect. Shiite is the majority sect in Syrias neighbor Iran, the birthplace of Shiite Islam. Sunnis are supported by Saudi Arabia where Sunni was invented. And as the IS occupied eastern Syria, the war is becoming more intense. The U.S. sent military forces to Syria for the purpose of helping to dislodge the IS and Russia sent military forces to Syria to support Syria Government troops. And this is emerging as a global problem.

Because of Syrian civil war, innocent people including children are being sacrificed. Syrian civil war is not limited to Syria, and it is a problem that needs to be solved by the whole world. You can see the situation in Syria on this site ( On the coming June 20th, 'World Refugee Day', there will be further information on the Syrian war and the refugee crisis.


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