What Are Cat People?
What Are Cat People?
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Cat people are people who raise cats as companions. They have an independent, intentional, and introverted cat-like inclination. Cat people often pursue independence and professionalism. These are usually people who seek freedom from marriage. As the coexistence culture develops around the world, the phenomenon of avoiding marriage is increasing. Why is this happening? Looking at some problems that different countries face concerning relationships might give insight to the reasons.

China - China is a single crisis era. There are 114 million unmarried men and 70 million women. Thirty-four million men can’t find a spouse.

France - France has a high divorce rate of 45%. Divorce is expensive and the procedure is complicated. Many French people have lost romance in their marriages.

Japan - In Japan, there are many men who are not interested in romance and they are referred to as ‘gravy men.’ There is another expression that describes men who are less interested in romance than ‘gravy men’ and these men are called 'fasting man,' meaning that he does not even eat grass. To make matters worse, there are many females completely uninterested in romance as well who only engage in hobbies. In Japan, women are rather active and when a proposal is made it is often done by the women. Interestingly, there are more males who are cat people than women in Japan.

Italy - In Italy, many adults enjoy living with their parents. According to the Guardian, there is a report that one third of Italian adults live with their parents. Parents want to take care of their adult children so the adult children do not become independent, even if they have girlfriends, jobs and money.

United States - In The United States, adults having a difficult time choosing their career is the biggest reason for not getting married. As women advance into society, they often postpone marriage to achieve their dreams.

Korea - Why are many people not getting married in Korea? The societal pressures of the man’s economical responsibility provide for their family and the psychological burden is the main reason. A reason that women avoid marriage is because they do not like the patriarchal aspect of marriage in Korea. Nowadays getting married is no longer considered a socially negative thing. Furthermore, not having children is a huge issue that has taken the fate of the nation. It was beyond the level to be solved by a simple campaign. A British consulting firm analyzed Korea as the first country on earth to be on trajectory to disappear without any realistic measures and support. The number of Koreans visiting Korean maternity clinics is decreasing, but the number of foreigners is increasing.

Currently, it is difficult to maintain the birth of our country alone. In order to solve this problem, we should pay more attention to finding the reason for the fundamental social structure which is causing people to not marry, and we need to improve our campaign to encourage childbirth.

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