Obama's Retirement Ceremony and Trump's Inauguration Signal Big Change
Obama's Retirement Ceremony and Trump's Inauguration Signal Big Change
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On January 20, 2017, a retirement ceremony was held for Barak Obama in appreciation for his eight years of service as USA's 44th president. Upon resignation Obama's approval rating was 60%, which ranks third highest of presidents since polls have recorded this statistic. According to approval rating polls reported by The Washington Post, ABC News, and CNN, after Obama's approval rose to 56% in May of 2016, it never dipped below 50% throughout the rest of his presidency. Since taking office, Vice President Joe Bidden recorded an approval rating of 61%, the highest of any vice president on record.

Prior to Obama's resignation, he granted 208 commutations and 64 amnesties which included Chelsea Manning who was imprisoned for illegally sharing US classified documents. Immediately before his departure, he freed 330 inmates who were convicted of nonviolent drug crimes. During President Obama's tenure, he commuted 1715 inmates, the most ever recorded. Commuting was a point of emphasis as part of Obama's vision of reform for the criminal justice system.

As Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America and Obama's tenure came to an end, it was expected that changes to significantly reduced commutations and pardons in an effort to prioritize Trump's stance on law and order, On the day of inauguration, January 20, 2017, at 6:30 a.m., the approval rating of Donald Trump was about 37%, a significantly lower rating than when Obama took office and had an 80% approval rating. More than 60 of 435 congress lawmakers chose not to attend the inauguration of Trump. In addition, many people in the USA and around the world protested in response to Trump becoming president. In the US, more than 28,00 security guards were in place for security and emergency situations.

What was Obama's secret? To be viewed as a successful president, one must immediately communicate well with people without surrounding corruption and scandals and be able to get through an economic crisis. Since the inauguration of President Obama, US unemployment rate fell from 7% to 5% and 15 million jobs were created. H also negotiated new nuclear policies with Iran ended a half of a century of hostility with Cuba. American people also appreciated Obama’s human appeal through his humor, his free and easy personality, his willingness to show tears, and his ability to communicate his beliefs.

In contrast, Trump had a record low approval rating of 37%. He has constantly been controversial issuing racist remarks, displaying female paranoia, and making nominations for cabinet positions that have caused many people to be angry. He has a relatively short political career. But still, he became the president. His slogan is "Make America great again."
In the year of 2017, the United States has launched a new regime in their government under Donald Trump. South Korea will also experience changes in the upcoming presidential direction. What candidate and direction will Koreans choose?

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