Beauty and the Beast How Much Do You Know?
Beauty and the Beast How Much Do You Know?
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​​​​​Hello, Seowon University students! Did you watch Beauty and the Beast which won the box office’s first prize? The main characters in this movie Bell (Emma Watson), and Beast (Dan Stevens) had excellent performances in this fairy tale. Now, let’s look into this movie’s behind the story and the differences from the original.

Where did the title come from? There were many views of Beauty and the Beast’s title translation. One of the most influential translations is Europe’s past marriage custom. Likewise, in both Korea and Europe’s past, a marriage custom was marriage by arrangement. Because of this custom, husband and wife first met at their wedding ceremony. Some people claim that in the case of the wife, her perception of her husband is that he is strange, scary, and difficult like the beast.

So what is the difference from the original?  First, in the original, the reason of the prince changing into the beast is that he refuses to marry a bad fairy. But, in the movie, the reason of the prince changing into a beast is because he ignores an old woman and consequently he is cursed along with everyone in his castle. So, the movie is also different than the original because it has many new characters such as the candlestick, clock, kettle, and Gaston.  This point is very interesting.

Second, Bell’s appearance in the movie is different from the original. In the original, Bell wears a corset that represents France’s passive female image. But in the movie, Bell is an inventor and she prefers to wear active boots instead of black flat shoes.  In the movie, her hair style was free instead of a neat pony hair style in the original. So, Bell’s traits are more active and enterprising in the movie than the original.

Third, the rose’s condition that solves a backward blessing is different. In the original, the condition that solves a backward blessing occurs before the last rose falls on Bell’s 21st birthday but in the movie, the condition that solves a problem is finding real love before the rose falls. So in the movie, the meaning of true love is emphasized more than the original.

In the movie, Emma Watson said about the film, “It is the first time that all composition is perfect.” One of the most impressive scenes in the movie is the ballroom scene. In this scene, more than 8,000 candles were used to decorate Versailles’ chandelier on a big set that measured 1114㎡. But this romantic and peak scene also has a story behind it that didn’t make everyone laugh. For a giant beast’s role, Dann Stevens wore shoes that were more than 10cm than his real size. So when he wore these shoes, Emma Watson was very scared that he would step on her foot. It took a lot of time and focus for them to not step on each other.  When they made their last movement and Watson landed a jump, everyone applauded. Bell’s yellow dress consisted of more than 900m thread and more than 2000 crystals. It took more than 12,000 hours to make this dress. Billebeu village, where Bell lives, was made on a 2674㎡ set with CG and hundreds of extra’s in the festival.  It looks like a musical. The original animation’s music director, Alan Menken participates in the movie. He makes the movie magnificent with hundreds of orchestras as background sound.

If you know the behind the story and the difference from the original, maybe you will feel more interested in seeing Beauty and the Beast. I recommend watching this movie after you read this article. If you have already watched this movie, this article will be a good memory.

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