Let's Smell Spring Fragrance
Let's Smell Spring Fragrance
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The time of flowers blooming has returned. Drawn by the scent of spring, many people go out flower viewing. Here are introductions about some of the world's spring flower festivals.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. When spring comes we can see many kinds of beautiful flowers across Japan. There are three grand tourist cherry blossom attractions in Japan. The most famous tourist attraction of these is the Hirosaki Park of the Aomori Prefecture. In 2017, Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival held their 100th cherry blossom anniversary. The festival period is from April 22nd to May 7th and this year it is extended for three more days. In Hirosaki park, there is the Hirosaki Castle. Here you can see the many beautiful flowers in Japan. Some of the flowers include the Prunus yedoensis Matsum and the weeping cherry. There are a total of about two thousand six hundred trees. There are more than fifty types of trees. From 6:30 pm to 10 pm, there is a light show that allows you to view cherry blossoms with special effects.  It is very beautiful.  Also, you can see the oldest cherry tree in Japan which was planted in 1882.

Chelsea Flower Show in U.K.

The Chelsea Flower Show is organized by the Royal Horticultural Society in Britain and was opened from May 23 to May 27 this year. This show is the biggest garden horticulture exhibition and was first launched in 1827. Also, the queen, royal family, and celebrities visit this show. Tickets are only sold in advance for the reservation. The participants and organizations are selected strictly by their project proposals from the last 18 months before the festival. This festival has enormous respect. In 1987, there were too many visitors and it was overcrowded. Since then the number of tourists has been limited 170,000 every year. BBC, the national broadcast, delivers live broadcast of this festival. The festival can be classified into three great groups which are the show garden, artisan garden, and fresh garden. Professionals can participate only in the garden show while new gardeners, organizations, and students participate in the fresh garden. The Chelsea Flower show stands out as a novel idea which harmonizes beautiful gardens and sculptures. If you want to see new flowers and more than one hundred flower exhibition halls, go to Chelsea, U.K. this year.

Keukenhof Flower Festival in the Netherlands

The Keukenhof Flower Festival in the Netherlands displays a world of flowers. The Netherlands is More than 60 percent of Netherlands is composed of agriculture and horticulture. The people in the Netherlands have a special love and interest for flowers. This year the Keukenhof Flower Festival, known for having the largest Tulip festivals, is being held March 23rd to May 21st. The theme is Dutch design. You can enjoy flowers designed with a Dutch style. This festival exhibits not only Tulips but also narcissus, hyacinth, carnation, freesia and many more flowers. The area size of this festival is three hundred twenty thousand hectares, 380 times larger than Yeouido land in Korea. At the park there are open gardens which have various themes like history, natural garden and so on. Also, there is an indoor exhibition space. Each week during the festival a different host puts on different events. Above all, the most famous of the events is a car parade with floral decorations. The car parade is about 40 kilometers long.

Girona Temps de Flors in Spain

Girona, the city of Firenze in Spain, is where medieval alleyways and architectures are well preserved. This city, the filming location of the Legends of Blue Sea, is carpeted with flowers in the month of May. This festival is unlike any other.  It divides districts, exhibits and designs flowers, and decorates the whole city with blossoms. The whole city plans the festival throughout the year so you can always see many flowers. Small stores, public offices, Catholic churches and houses are decked with flowers. During the festival, you can enter some areas which ordinarily charge for free. People decorate their gardens and open them to tourists. The Eiffel's red bridge is surrounded by flowers with more than a hundred staircases and flower beds. If you go to Spain, I recommend you stop by Girona city. It has a delicate fragrance of flowers.

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