What is the 1conomy?
What is the 1conomy?
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According to the statistics of Korea, one in four households is one. Single-person households are called single-parent households with one parent, siblings, and children living alone. In Korea, one out of the four households, which corresponds to one person, has two main backgrounds.

First, because of economic or lifestyle considerations, the number of people who are not married or who are late to marry, is increasing. In the past, people became married when they became adults, but recently they are causing the increase in the number of households that do not marry for their careers or avoid marriage because of economic problems.

Second, aging affects the increase in households with one person. The reason is that medical technology has increased the lifespan due to the development of technology, but the birth rate is decreasing due to the avoidance of marriage. According to the National Statistical Office (NSO), the number of people aged 65 or older has increased by 1.2 million, but the fertility rate has dropped and the number of children under the age of 14 has decreased by 970,000. This shows that aging is affecting the increase in single-person households as the elderly population increases but the young population declines.

Convenience stores, which are commonly found in the vicinity, became preferable for a single-person household. According to a survey by the National Statistical Office and the Convenience Store Industry Association, sales for the first half of the year were 9.1328 trillion won, up 21.8 percent from the previous year.

The reason why the convenience store is preferred by the one-person household is because the accessibility is easy. It has the advantage of being able to see convenience stores near the house or near the school. This is preferred for single-person households because it can be solved in a convenience store immediately when it is necessary to have a meal or household goods. Convenience stores have a variety of products and services, and they are indispensable to busy people who are satisfied with the quality compared to the price.

Furniture is changing according to ‘one-person's furniture’. It is easy to put in a small space, and a variety of functions have appeared. To make the most of the narrow space, the washing machine evolved into a wall-mounted form and the size of the refrigerator has been reduced by more than half. In addition, a mini-rice cooker for one-person and an iron is aimed at a one-person and other household products are evolving.

The banking industry is also focusing on product sales targeting one-economy. In the case of one commercial bank, one person likes a small office and a one room apartment. In the case of the banking card industry, one specialist card is released, and the corresponding card is used for convenience stores or restaurants. If you pay, it will give you a discount. The reason why the financial industry is paying attention to one license is related to disposable income. One-person is said to be targeted because he or she can freely consume and save.

Each industry is focused on developing optimized products and services, it is expected that a new products and services, optimized for individual tastes will emerge through an industry that is growing solely in the recession.


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