Shamanism Endangers Albino People
Shamanism Endangers Albino People
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Looking into the palm of your hand, can you see what will happen in the future? The answer will vary from person to person. Some believe and others do not. We have a shamanistic culture where many people visit a shaman to find solutions to difficult problems. This is a tradition that has been handed down from ancestor to ancestor for a very long time.

Shamanism is a religion that directly communicates with supernatural beings. The local meaning of shamanism refers to the phenomenon of religion in North Asia. Shamanism in northern Asia also has its own personality due to the "Schamanistsche Kulturwelle" in its vast North Asia region from the Bering Strait to the Scandinavian Peninsula. So, shamanism in this area is known as the most classic and typical form.

Some nations also seek advice from shamans about serious problems, and some of the problems get solved as the shamen predicted. However, there are cases in which people are blinded by shamanism causing personal injury. One example is the Albanian hunt in Tanzania. An albino person has albinism, a congenital disorder caused by a lack of melanin pigment. In Tanzania, a marginal country in Africa, there is a myth that if you own a part of the body that came from an albino person, you will have good fortune in your home. A rumor spread that when a poor man brought Albino hair or skin to a shaman, they would become rich. Some people kill albino people to make money and some albino people cut their own bodies to sell the parts. An albino person’s arm or leg sells for $ 4,000 and the body sells for $75,000. Sadly, parents often sell their albino children.

Albino people must make every effort to escape the threat of being killed. In the case of children, they go to a special prison-like school surrounded by bars for protection. However, it is still impossible to completely protect them from danger. Many albino children are frequently stolen in the night and mutilated. The dangers are real for all albino people in Tanzania regardless of status. A female councilor in Tanzania suffered the loss of an arm due to an attack.

The Tanzania government has banned shamans because of the albino killings. And it seems that they are making various efforts to improve the human rights of albino people, such as opening an albino beauty contest. However, Orion Cinema Network OCN reported that at that time, the Tanzania government were more concerned about the government’s appearance and they falsely claimed that they had captured the murderers when in fact, they arrested and let go innocent people. It is necessary to think deeply about whether the shamanistic culture should be accepted due to the harm shamans have caused.

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