International Exchange Programs
International Exchange Programs
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What Student Exchange Programs Are Available?

Many freshman are unaware of all the international exchange student programs that are available to them. They often think that the only international exchange programs they have access to are the 3+1 and 7+1 programs, however there are several others which this article will briefly introduce and they are Language Study Abroad on Vacation and Theme Travel Abroad.

1. Language Study Abroad On Vacation (English/Chinese)

As part of the credit exchange with Seowon University's overseas sister universities, this is a program that gives students an opportunity to experience English culture as well as English learning to foster excellent students who are competitive in the age of globalization.

The English-speaking sister university is UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Chinese-speaking sister university is Hangzhou Normal University. The number of selected students for this program is about 40 people every year and the duration is 4 weeks during the vacation period between semesters. To be qualified applicants must be current Seowon students who are not on leave of absence or have participated in the program more than two times. Students must be eligible for overseas travel and not have any disciplinary action against them during school attendance. The most important and interesting information about benefits and expected costs can be found at the International Exchange Program seminar which is held at the beginning of each semester.

2. Theme Travel Abroad

This is a program that provides students with the opportunity to study and explore various interests from abroad that will help them in the global community where competition and cooperation between nations is important and having international travel experience as part of one's education is necessary.

Tours can go all over the world. This program puts together ten teams of three to five people to go on trips for 10 days or more during the vacation period between academic semesters. To be qualified to apply students must be somewhere between their second semester of their freshman year up to their first semester of their senior year, and the student cannot be on an absence of leave or be graduating shortly after. Students must be eligible for overseas travel and not have any disciplinary action against them during school attendance. Teams are not strictly organized by department, grade, or gender. As a benefit, the scholarships vary from region to region. Based on data from 2016, there were two teams that went to the USA which received 3 million won, two teams went to Europe and received 3 million won, two teams went to Australia and received 2.5 million won, two teams went to Southeast Asia and received 2 million won, and two teams went to Northeast Asia and received 2 million won. The scholarships are paid in two parts for each team. The first payment is 500,000 won and the second payment is paid after the travel report is submitted. There is no payment change according to the number of members of the team.

3. International Internship

This is a system for helping those who have passed the internship in the international exchange program. The working area is the whole world. There are two types of internships, short-term and long-term. Three students will be selected for the short-term internships and five students will be selected for the long-term internships totalling eight all together. The duration differs depending on the sending organization. You can apply for these internships at anytime. The selection schedule and the selected number may change depending on the status of the application.

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