Burnout Syndrome
Burnout Syndrome
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In Korea, a nation with high academic stress and long working hours, the number of modern people who are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression or panic disorders is increasing. Alarmingly, 87% of Korean have experienced the burnout syndrome, one of the most dangerous mental illnesses of the 21st century according to the World Health Organization. Here is a list of signs associated with burnouts. Check to see if you are experiencing any of the symptoms on the list below.

1. Almost every night, you come back home after 10 p.m.

2. Often, you go to work even on holidays.

3. You suffer from diseases such as colds and headaches more than before.

4. You criticize people and are pessimistic everything.

5. You seem to be worried about work.

6. You feel you are short of sleeping time.

7. You sleep poorly or sleep a lot when you do sleep.

8. You generally have no motivation.

9. You are not interested in what you are doing now.

10. You feel limited in life or there is nothing you want to do.

How many items were checked? If you checked more than seven items, you could be experiencing a burnout. So how can one identify burnout syndrome? Burnout syndrome can be seen in a person when they change from being enthusiastically engaged in work to becoming extremely helpless with extreme physical and mental fatigue. It happens to people who have high goals and do their best. Burnout syndrome was first used by New York psychoanalyst professor Herbert Freudenberger. He first identified these symptoms prevalent in the caring profession, especially nurses. People with burnout syndrome feel themselves weakened, easily annoyed by everything, become energy deprived, and feel extremely depressed. They often have illnesses like colds and headaches.

Burnout syndrome happens to people who have a lot of tasks. Nowadays it is happening to many people in their twenties who live in an excessively competitive society. This syndrome is receiving attention not only Korea, but also all around the world. Burnout syndrome can cause other illnesses like insomnia, depression, interpersonal aversion, and panic disorder. When these illnesses become serious, people sometimes feel forced to commit suicide. Moreover, burnout syndrome is becoming a serious problem to people who feel lonely. This happens to many single person households

In a busy and fierce society that often forgets to consider the mental health of people, how  does one get out of a burnout? First, get out of the other person's sight. Burnout syndrome mostly happens to people who have very high goals. Because most of these people are inclined to respond to the expectations of others, they set up excessive goals and engage in them. However, if this phenomenon is repeated, people lose sight of self and instead confine themselves to the sight of others. Consequently, it is important stop focussing on how others view you, and change your focus to making plans and goals that good for you.

Second, set specific life goals. Modern society, with the development of science and technology has changed our lives to be very fast paced, especially through media which gives us a lot of fun, but it can also deprive us from our time which we would otherwise use to concentrate on life. Spending time thinking about life allows you to design what kind of life you want to pursue, what values you want to live by, and it gives you a chance to reflect on the past and think about your future.

Thirdly, communicate with others. The development of technology has detached much of our society from healthy social interaction and reduced communication among members of society. As communication decreases, people became unable to sympathize with the lives of others, they feel a sense of alienation and loneliness, and lose the important benefits of being together. Therefore, instead of relying on the development of technology, we should strive to create a social atmosphere where communication is smooth and sympathy for others and society is common. In addition, feelings of loneliness are often resolved when you are with someone, so it is also important to have continuous interaction with others.

The final way to get out of a burnout is to be honest with oneself. In a busy and fiercely modern society, many people can not discover what they really want to do or what they must do. They suffer from the obsession that they must succeed and constantly compare themselves to others. It is important to remember that life is not a fixed frame. We should be honest with ourselves about what we can, need, and we should do. People who suffer from burnout-like symptoms need to recognize these symptoms and do something about it before it becomes dangerously serious. So, if you are suffering from burnout syndrome, find some time to reflect on your past and be honest with yourself.

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