The Global Marriage Culture
The Global Marriage Culture
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When Koreans marry, grooms usually wear tuxedos and brides usually wear wedding dresses . Another wedding tradition in Korea is when a bride walks down the wedding aisle, the daughter holds her father’s arm as he escorts her to the groom. However, not all cultures practice this tradition as each country has different cultures and traditions. Let us take a look at the global marriage culture.

First, let us look at Germany. In Germany there are three wedding ceremonies which consist of the night before the wedding, the wedding day, and the day after the wedding. They are different from what we do in our country. For instance, people have a party the night before the wedding as and they marry at the marriage registry office on the wedding day. If the bride and groom have a religion, they hold wedding ceremonies for two consecutive days. When guests give them a present, they do not use white or black because it is a symbol of death. Furthermore, they do not give a present of 13 flowers because 13 is an unlucky number in Germany. Another tradition that Germans practice is the groom’s friends kidnap the bride and keep her at a bar until the groom finds the bride. At this time, it is important to find her quickly because the groom pays for the drinks.

In France, at the wedding ceremony the groom enters the aisle with his arm linked with his mother’s arm, opposite from how a bride is escorted by her father here in Korea. Also, the guests prepare gifts for the bride instead of money. Guests do not talk to the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony as a way to respect the sacredness. After the wedding ceremony the groom starts a dinner party and dances and chats with the guests all night till dawn.

A third example of different marriage traditions is India. Because Indians think religion is important in their life, the bride and groom will ask an astrologer about the date and time of the wedding ceremony, and then they find out if their marriage will be happy or not based on the constellation.

If the constellation is not right, they believe that they will not enjoy a happy marriage. The proposal is usually made by a woman to a man. Also, because India has a Hinduism religion, they do not present bags or wallets made from leather because cows are considered sacred.

Lastly, in Brazil there is a custom test that the bride and groom must take before they get married. They must be educated beforehand so they have a chance to pass it. If they fail the exam, there can be disadvantages in their marriage and with inheritance. Also, there is a fun custom where people cut the groom’s tie, sell it to the guests, and give the money to the bride.

To have a better understanding of the people and world that we live in, it is helpful if we looked at marriage cultures of different countries other than our country. If you are going to attend a foreign wedding, I recommend remembering these various customs.

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