Who Are Early Healing People?
Who Are Early Healing People?
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The healing of the past refers to middle-aged people or those in their 50s who had devoted their life for their working place and family and were about to retire. This group of people sacrificed their hobbies and leisure life. Also, recently, because of a prolonged recession and the generation of an ultra-low money interest, the pressures of society and busy schedules are making life exhausting. So, healing is needed not only for middle-aged people or people who are about to retire, but it includes people in their 30’s. In other words, early healing people is a term used to describe strong-willed adults in their 30’s that spend their free time and money in a fierce society. Now, let us learn more about early healing people.

If we look at the consumption pattern of people in their 30’s, we can learn more about early healing people. According data of various credit card companies and a Korea trend research, those in their 30’s have increased their expenditures on self development, trips, and automobiles by about 20% annually.

Looking at the BC credit card’s social data analytics platform, there have been a total of 34,000 healing mentions by SNS in the past three years. Also, among BC credit card users, people in their 30’s were found to spend the most on musicals and concert performances through ticket sales on websites. As a result, many industries have already recognized the patterns of early healing people and have begun to offer customized products and services. For example, credit card companies have increased promotions for customers in their 30’s in self-development industries, automobile industries, health club, golf supplies, books, stationery and discounts for purchases in trip industries such as airline tickets, duty free shopping, hotels, and rental cars. Furthermore, as the number of early healing people who like to heal alone increases, more products have become available for camping, biking and surfing. Furthermore, new drinking cultures are emerging as people discover different new beers and wines and combine it with reading books. Accordingly, there are many bars that reflect these characteristics.

Likewise, we look at the characteristic of early healing people. It is regrettable that people in their 30’s are experiencing the same stress and pressures that people in their 50’s experience. Therefore, I hope that there will be many resting places for everyone, regardless of age.

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