The Christmas Tree Throwing Championships
The Christmas Tree Throwing Championships
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Every year in both Germany and Ireland, Christmas Tree Throwing Championships are held. The people who participate the competition take it very seriously, not as mere play, and so there are regulations. The rules in each country are very similar but one thing that is different is the variety of games.

The German competition has three games. The first is to throw the Christmas tree straight like a javelin, the second is to throw the tree by turning the body like a discus, and the last game throws it high. Upon completion, the scores of the three games are summed up and totaled to find the champion. But in the case of Ireland, there is one game and it is the Christmas tree javelin. There is no qualification for competition so anyone can participate. Each contestant is afforded three attempts at throwing the Christmas tree.

This ridiculous and pleasant contest is not only fun but also rewarding. Through fundraising during the contest, donations are made to go towards poor neighborhoods and trees that are thrown are made into paper and delivered where it is needed. As the competition grows in size every year, the value of social commodities increases and creates profits for the local community.

Meanwhile, John O'Dea, the winner of the 5th Irish Tree Throw Championship last year, has a record of 8.6 meters in the Christmas tree javelin event.

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