World Water Day
World Water Day
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Water has always coexisted with human life. It is indispensable to all living things as well as humans. What happens if water disappears? According to a UN report, 40% of the world's population is suffering from water shortage. Some parts of the world are experiencing water shortage already. A day has been established to be observed annually to inform everyone about serious water shortages and raise awareness. This day is World Water Day.

This is an anniversary established by the United Nations (UN) to realize the importance of water and draw international cooperation on water scarcity. Our country has designated July 1 as ‘Water Day’ since 1990. We have accepted the request of the UN to observe World Water Day and celebrate the day March 22. Many events are held to celebrate this day across the nation. In Chungcheongnam-Do, a Water Love Drawing Contest is held for elementary school and junior high school students every year throughout the province. This helps promote awareness of water scarcity to teenagers. In addition, the city of Ulsan is contributing to making clean water by carrying out stream cleansing activities every year.

International organizations are also hosting various events to celebrate World Water Day. World Vision is conducting ‘Waterful Christmas Campaign’ every year. Last year a “waterful tree’ made of water bottles was put in Maronie Park, Seoul. The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund UNICEF,organized a variety of experience booths to celebrate the ‘2017 World Water Day.’ One event had adults give children water purification tablets as a gesture that might help everyone think about the children who lack water in other countries. They also hold campaigns to help countries that have chronic water shortages. The 'Dirty Water Campaign', which has caught the attention of many people, was an event where people could buy contaminated water by putting one dollar in a vending machine. The purpose of this campaign was to inform people that children in countries of water shortage are dying due to dirty water. All the profits from vending machine were donated to help children get clean drinking water.

According to a survey by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), Korea's water used per person was two times of major European countries. So, we should always take an interest in the problem of water shortages and save water. A variety of programs will be held on the upcoming ‘2018 World Water Day.’ Why don’t you try thinking about water by participating in this meaningful event?

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