The First Step in a Special Life, Overseas Volunteering
The First Step in a Special Life, Overseas Volunteering
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What do you want to do at your university? There are many students who expect an exciting college life such as festivals, clubs, dating, etc. Doing such kinds of activities can be good experiences but worthwhile and meaningful activities should be considered as well. Don’t you want to participate in a meaningful activity? Don’t you want to see a big world? Overseas volunteering opportunities are waiting for us.

Voluntary work is a combination of the words “volunteer”, that you want to do yourself, and “service”, that you devote yourself to another person without caring for yourself first. Overseas volunteering is literally devoting yourself to other people abroad. It is performed mainly in developing countries. There are various volunteer opportunities which improve the life of the in these countries. We can give effort in volunteering to help build schools and well. Also, we can participate in education volunteering which allows you to donate your talents such as teaching language and art lessons. Many volunteer programs do similar activities however, the activities vary by organizations. So, qualification to participate varies with each organization as well. For this reason, you should check each program’s information carefully. If you have passion and patience, you should make a go of volunteering. In addition, if you have good verbal abilities, you can have a better job.

If you volunteer overseas, you have a lot to gain. At first, you can learn to be sociable. Volunteering is an activity that makes different people come together. Therefore, you can build relationships with different kinds of people and communicate with them. And then, you can grow and learn how to be adaptable by facing unfamiliar environments abroad. Being adaptable is very helpful when you obtain a new position in a company and have to get used to a new environment. Usually, many people consider volunteering as a way to be better qualified for a job. You can receive admission points when you get a job. But more than that, the experience of volunteering fills you with a sense of pride and memories that will last forever. It makes your life a lot richer. There are many places in Korea that needs our help, however, overseas has places that need our help too. There are many countries which have a much poor environment than Korea. Overseas volunteering leads us to look at the world more broadly and provides opportunities for thinking about the environment in a new way. Thus, overseas volunteering is an irreplaceable experience.

There are several volunteer organizations you can join. World Footprint is a nonprofit organization that began in 2009 and sends volunteers to Asia. It helps educational facility development and education support systems of underdeveloped countries. This organization is recruiting global volunteers in Cambodia until June 22. The volunteer period is six nights and seven days. You can apply through the website ( Another organization is Korea International Cooperation Agency. It sends volunteer groups for the purpose of improving the quality of life for people from developing countries by sharing our techniques and culture. All Korean people over the age of twenty are eligible to apply. You should look at the website ( because there are several volunteer groups with different date commitments that are accepting applications.

Our university also recruits global volunteers. They aim to provide international experience for our students and improve the image of our university and nation through cultural exchange. They recruit volunteers between late March and early April, and the volunteer period is fifteen days. The main countries where students typically volunteer are Vietnam and Cambodia. The students only need to pay part of the expense. To apply students should submit a letter about themselves and a recommendation document from a dean. Volunteer work consists of education volunteering, effort volunteering, cultural exchange and touring. So, you can gain an impressive experience.

The key point to remember about volunteering overseas is that you should choose the appropriate area to volunteer in after considering your abilities. As mentioned above, there are several kinds of volunteering but choosing something related to your major is highly recommended for you to do better. Also, volunteering will help you be more thoughtful about different aspects of life. You should learn how to adapt to unfamiliar environments because you will live in a different environment for a period of time. Nothing will change even if you have complaints when you volunteer. You might be rather hard on yourself in unfamiliar situations you should not cause harm to the other volunteers and you should actively participate in work. Above all, it is important to recognize the culture of the country. If you exchange culture and have time to build a friendship, you will have a good experience.

Han Beom-Seok, a student who took part in the university global volunteering to Cambodia, said that volunteering has become the trigger of thinking about the real meaning of volunteering. Also, he said that he had a hard time in the process but after volunteering he felt great about his self -development. When asked about what to prepare before volunteering he advised, “You need to accurately know your skill level and try to grow when you volunteer. It might be nice to think about the positives after finishing work rather than worrying about being too tired.” He said whenever something challenging happens with volunteering, it is good to keep your composure using mind control and stay cool.

There’s a saying, “Joy is doubling by sharing for each other, and sorrow is halving by exchanging together”. If we help people who need help using our ability, our happiness will be doubled. How about finding your true self through volunteer work and invest in the growth of a mature inner side?

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