Unusual University Graduation Ceremonies
Unusual University Graduation Ceremonies
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Korean graduations ceremonies usually are held in February because the first semester starts in March. Korean graduates wear gowns and graduation caps, and they throw their caps after the graduation ceremony. Many universities in various nations conduct graduation ceremonies like this. Let’s look at how other countries conduct graduation ceremonies at their universities and some of the cultural differences.


Japanese graduation ceremonies are held in March. They listen to a congratulatory message for graduating and then receive a diploma one by one on a platform. Japanese ceremonies take a long time, but all of the students are moved. At this time, parents wear dark suits, and female students wear a traditional clothings called ‘Hakama’.
Also, there is the unusual confession culture where a man and a woman check each other’s minds through ‘the second button’. A woman confesses a secret to man by saying that she wants his second button. Men do the same thing with women. Giving a button means giving his or her mind because the second button is located near the heart.


Hong Kong
Graduation ceremonies of Hong Kong are held in November or December. Their ceremonies are similar to Korean ceremonies. In Hong Kong, the reservation period of having a graduation gown and cap is long and not all students reserve the cap and gown. Students who wear the gown and cap take pictures downtown after the ceremony.
Graduates receive a bouquet and a doll at the ceremony. After the ceremony, a dinner party is held at most universities.



Mongol graduation ceremonies are held in May. Graduates wear traditional clothing called ‘Del’, and receive chocolates, a white doll, and a bouquet. The ceremony is similar to Korea, but the finale is unusual.
Not only at graduation ceremonies but also at anniversaries and weddings, people express their thanks by walking the stone grave of the Zaisan of Ulanbator. So, graduates climb the Zaisan, walk, tap, and take pictures. Finally, after climbing the Zaisan, graduates travel together to create a special memory.
In Korea, graduates travel with their professors before their graduation ceremonies. But I think it is better that students travel with only friends after the ceremony.


United States of America

American graduation ceremonies are held in March. Their ceremonies are very pious and grave, but the finale is very free and gorgeous. Graduates wear graduation gowns and caps, and the ceremonies are held in very wide spaces. Students receive a diploma one by one. Also, they show many things that they learned during their four4 years at their universities to their parents in exhibitions. Many universities hold the ceremonies for two or three days.
After ending the pious ceremony, graduates enjoy graduation parties. Men wear a tuxedo, and women wear nice dresses. The men and women go to the parties together.



Russian graduation ceremonies are held in June. Russian students go to the same school from first grade to eleventh grade.
Graduates wear a dress or a suit and gorgeous belts. After the ceremony, students parade the streets, and get rid of their stress by jumping in a river or a gorgeous jet of water. Also, during the graduation ceremony season, the government holds parties for graduates in each area.


Swedish graduation ceremonies look the same as a gorgeous street festival. Graduates wear a marine look. After the ceremony, they take pictures and ride on a truck. As graduates ride on a truck they whistle, sing, and dance. Finally, students have a dinner with their family and neighbors. Swedish think graduation cer
emonies are festivals for all village people.
Korea doesn’t have this culture. I think it is good that neighbors have a small party congratulating graduates.


British graduation ceremonies are held in June. Their ceremony is usual, but their graduation gown and location are unusual.
First, the graduation gowns have different designs and colors by each major. And most universities hold ceremonies by each major. Because their ceremonies are held in a sanctuary, a lot of people cannot be admitted because of limited spacing.
British universities don’t make an album of graduation. Graduates take pictures individually on the ceremony day. Also, when graduates
invite friends, they must pay an additional charge. Individual churches hold the graduation ceremonies.


Norwegian graduation ceremonies are called ‘Russefeiring’ and they are held in May. Russ means graduates and Feiring means congratulation in Norwegian. The highlight of Ressefeiring is May 17th, National Foundation Day of Norway. Graduates participate in a parade. This day honors the memory of the independence of a nation and being an adult. A graduation festival is held and graduates wear their red caps as they play games and do various things. Norwegians became interested in the red cap when a group of Germans wearing red caps visited Norway in 1904. The red cap has since then became a symbol of graduation in Norway. For pants, graduate students only wear brace pants during the graduation festival. The color of the pants are different depend on what their major is. Humane studies color is red, economics- blue, agriculture green, and students who study physical education, medicine, or religion wear white.


Let’s find more various graduation culture. Above is a list of eight nations and their various graduation traditions. Other nations have their own unique culture and traditions as well. Let’s find out more about how other countries celebrate graduation.

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