Education Discount Store
Education Discount Store
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Have you heard about or used the educational discount store? In a questionnaire that was answered by both students and faculty members, 38% of the respondents said yes and 62% said no. The Educational Discount Store was introduced in 2014. It is a site that Seowon University has partnered with agencies to provide discounts to college students. Educational discounts are services that offer special discounts on products of popular companies to college students for educational purposes. It aims to provide college students with discounts on school products, leisure activities, arts and services.

This means that student discounts have been established and implemented in various fields such as products and services. When you go to school or buy a movie ticket, you can get a discount.

One of the advantages of an educational discount store is the cheap price. There is a system that can directly compare the difference between the current price, the internet’s cheapest price, and the education discount price. In general, the price is reduced more because the products are mostly delivered by free shipping. So you can shop at a reasonable price.

Next is the benefit you get. There is a discount on a first-come-first-served basis, and you can also enjoy the benefit of purchasing gifts through a lottery. In addition, 4% can be saved for all college students when using record books and college students can also enjoy an unlimited number of exchange points. You can buy internet lectures for Chinese, English, and employment at cheaper prices.

The disadvantage of using the Education Discount Store is the difficulty of the enrollment process. This is difficult because you have to use school mail. To solve this, the school has made it possible for me to sign up with my email. This site can be found on the Guryong notice board of Seowon University’s website. However, it is difficult to find this information, and if you do not join, you will not receive membership discounts and you will not be able to receive educational discounts. Also, there are very few product reviews on the products. There was an opinion that students didn’t know the quality of the goods.
I ordered goods at an educational discount store and used the things that I bought. The goods arrived within two days and the delivery was fast. In the survey, most students answered that delivery was not slow. The shipment status was also very good and the quality was almost the same when compared with the same product that I bought. If the items I buy are listed in the store, I am willing to buy them again. In fact, 87% of the respondents said they would buy from the same store if they had to do it over again.

So how do we promote this store? When I asked the students how they learned of this service, they said that they often learned about it from the school homepage or acquaintances. If we advertise on the school homepage with a more prominent icon to promote the educational discount store, more people will learn about this service.

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