The Leader We Want for the Twenty-First Century
The Leader We Want for the Twenty-First Century
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After the recent U.S. elections, Trump became the leader of the White House. There were many electorates that supported Trump as the president; however on the other hand, large groups in California are holding demonstrations calling for California’s secession from the federation. What is the leadership? Leadership is a word which includes characteristics such as attitude, posture, ability, and so on. A leader is a person who represents any group which can range from the class president of an elementary school to the president of one country. Leadership is the most important skill of a leader. What leadership looks like is different depending on a group, time, era and culture so it is hard to say clear which is wrong or correct.

In modern society, leadership is largely divided into two categories. First, there is transformational leadership. Transformational leadership emphasizes the vision of members of an organization and the community spirit. It focuses on achieving long term goals across the organization. Multi-way communication cannot be perpendicular or go one way between leader and members. Communication and long term vision for the future is one of the features of good leadership. On the flip side, traditional leadership can be dogmatic while emphasizing rules.

Communication of traditional leaders may be perpendicular or one way. It especially it has a reactive attitude towards revolution. Traditional leadership in other words is opposite of transactional leadership. Oprah Winfrey is a representative of what a transformational leader is. She changed her hardships into opportunities. Her ascension was based on will and effort under hard circumstances. Winfrey displayed transformational leadership qualities by leading an organization and solving difficult problems while maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Another form of leadership comes in the form of servitude. A servant who listens carefully and works hard to meet others demands can eventually become a leader. These servants exhibit a service leadership. They play the role of leader by doing three things: providing directions, mediating opinions, and doing work to lead by example. There are several qualities that a servant leader possesses such as sympathy, stewardship, desire to help other members grow, sense of community, and desire for freedom of group members. People who are well known and have showed leadership through servitude include Jesus, Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa and Gandhi. Volunteering to help others and doing so in a modest way is a form of servant leadership. One leader can lead the group to success or failure.

Currently, Korea suffers from a real headache of poor leadership. The presidential election is near and will happen soon. Look carefully at each candidate’s leadership style with a little more interest and vote for the leader that you want.

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