A Regime Change in Iceland
A Regime Change in Iceland
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In April 2016, there was an incident in Iceland called Panama Paper. The ‘Panama Paper’ revealed the offshore tax evasion of the whole world power class. Prime Minister David Gwynn Rogers of the Progressive Party resigned after suspicions revealed that he had plundered property from the tax office. The election was held six months ahead of schedule. As this corruption became known, the trust of the Icelandic people for the government collapsed.

The newly emerging party, which criticized the politics of the old generation in this state, is known as the Pirate Party. The Pirate Party was created by 'White Hackers', a group of hackers composed of online activists, anarchists, and young liberals, who hack for public interests and have fought against established politics since 2012. The highest decision-making power is determined through a direct democratic discussion in which the party is distributes an online platform. Therefore, there is no need for president or leader. Each year, only the presiding chairman of the House of Councilors is elected. The Pirates emphasize: the need for the government's transparency, freedom of expression, direct democracy, anti-corruption, unusual commitments such as free medical care, the elimination of corporate tax evasion, abolition of copyright laws, the 35-hour work of virtual money coin, and the deregulation of drugs. Young people now approve the Pirate Party more than older people. Young people approve the Pirate Party more.

Voters were tired of the repeated pledges and the ridiculous politics of political parties every election. Voters who were dissatisfied with the existing politics are increasingly interested in the Pirates Party, which is presents fresh policies.

The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, said that "The opposition to the politics of the established generation has been sweeping through Europe in recent years as calls for change is becoming more evident” They added that "the victory of the Icelandic Pirates Party confirms this trend." The Icelandic pirate party, which has grown in size by attacking the established politics, is creating a new blast in the ready-made politics. According to a recent Independent report, The Pirates won 37.8% of the votes, surpassing Independence and Progressive parties in a survey conducted ahead of the February general. They gained a chance to create a regime as the Pirate party's approval rate soared to 43%, but the people of Iceland opted for stability rather than radical changes. According to the general election results of October 30th, the independence party, the leading right-wing ruling coalition in the present, won the first party with twenty one seats. On the other hand, the coalition partner, the Progressive Party, drastically reduced its seats from nineteen to eight seats.

The Party Pirates won 14.5% and increased its seats from three seats to ten seats. It analyzed the voters who were angry with the corruption of the established political party, and those who supported the new political party with the radical reform policy.


For this reason, the Icelandic government is expected to be confused for the time. As a result of the general election, there is no party that controls more than half. More than three parties must hold hands. It seems that there are many difficulties in operating the Icelandic government. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Icelandic political circle was very confusing and that negotiations were very complex.

The independence party criticized that the pirate party was led by young politicians who lacked experience. Because the policy is unclear, three or four political parties will form a coalition government, which will result in internal conflicts. They pledged radical commitments such as drug legalization and the introduction of a virtual currency bit coin. They did not provide a solution about the major problems. In addition, these forms of political parties have advantages as well as limitations. The emphasis on direct participation through online interaction is a different way of expressing the lack of a stable organizational framework. If the pirate party is in power, it is likely that these limits will become more prominent.

"We want to get rid of the old and corrupt political system", said Vice President Bill Gates, a founder of the Corsairs. He stressed, "Change is beautiful and we can do anything with the people's trust". Jones Doter said, "We are like Robin Hood who was a thief, we will take power from the power and give it to people".

Politics show it was similar to steering a ship at sea. They must read the wind direction exactly. A competent pirate party was well aware of the 'Sea of Public Sense'. This is because they have read the public minds of the weakened people. Maybe our country is in the same position as Iceland now. At this time, considering the confusing events here in South Korea of Choi Sun - sil, there is reason why these parties should appear and gain. Koreans feel that the liberal age is approaching, but the established political system seems to be in a situation that does not accept this change well. To regain and restore democracy, it is necessary to strive for change in the democratic society and stimulate the political parties. The unfamiliar political landscape of Iceland shows the future of a world trend.

But radical and reformative developments like the pirates are not going to be easy for us form. One of the things we can do is vote. Voting is a powerful right and tool that the people can exercise. In Korea, the voter turnout rate of people in their 20’s and 30’s was 49.45%, smaller than the turnout rate of people in septuagenarian. It is lower than other countries. Korea needs to educate citizens about elections and voting. People need education about the importance of elections. In Australia, there is a mandatory voting system. The voting rate is close to 90%. Because Korea does not have a mandatory voting system, we need to be more self motivated to be involved in politics.

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