The Military Forms Of Several Countries And Military Welfare
The Military Forms Of Several Countries And Military Welfare
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An army is an indispensable institution that is responsible for defense of a nation. Almost every country has an army. There are various types of militaries because many countries exist around the world. Let's look at the kinds of troops in some countries.

First of all, there are two ways to recruit soldiers and they are the draft system and a volunteer military system. Volunteer military systems receive applicants according to one's own intention without coercion. Several nations such as Japan, the U.S., and France have adopted this system. In 1945 Japan declared that land, sea, and air forces would not be maintained. However, during the time of the Korean War they established the 'National Police Reserve of Japan' and this has become their Self-Defense Forces (SDF). Among the Japanese troops, the Maritime Self-Defense Force is known as their strongest military element. The SDF members receive benefits such as healthcare and scholarships. The American forces are composed of five military branches which are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. They not only defend the United States but they also help defend other countries. American soldiers receive housing benefits, overseas service allowances, scholarships, healthcare and more. They also get special payment such as Hardship Duty Pay and Foreign Language Proficiency Pay.

The draft system is a system that requires citizens to do military service regardless of their intentions. Countries such as Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and many more have adopted this system. The troop of Singapore consists of three military branches and they are the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, and the Singapore Civil Defense Force. It is completely random which branch the troops will be placed in. When soldiers complete their military duty the Singapore government puts some money into the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for the soldiers. The CPF is similar to a national pension fund. This money can be accessed at a later time. In Thailand soldiers are drafted by drawing lots. If a citizen draws a red paper they must go to the army. On the other hand, if they pick a black paper they will be exempt from the military. There is a 20% chance of Thailand citizens going to the military. There are many people who want to go army because military offers good conditions.

So, how much salary do soldiers get? As of last year, the salary of Chinese soldiers increased by 34%, Taiwanese military pay increased by 33% and in both Egypt and Thailand the minimum salaries of the military increased by 100%. A soldier's salary of Turkey 15% compared to their minimum wages. Korea showed the same result with Turkey. Soldiers of nations that have a volunteer military system are paid much higher salaries. This year the minimum salary of American soldiers was approximately $1,600 per month.

There is a difference in the treatment of servicemen. Americans have a lot of good feelings for the US Army. So, families of soldiers are held in high respect from other people. Also, war veteran is treated with the highest level of courtesy. The Israelites have a great regard for soldiers and let their soldiers use public transportation for free. Singapore provides soldiers with several benefits after leaving the military. In Korea, the soldiers are given benefits of discounts for things such as sporting events, taking exams like TOEIC, amusement park fees, cinemas, and cafes. However, compared to other countries, the military welfare of Korea is not enough. It was discovered in June that 87% of war veterans suffer from the hardships of life. Soldiers of Korea also suffer from organizational culture and human rights abuse. We need to check actual state of the Army and try to improve conditions in the military.

Soldiers around the world are defending their countries even now. The state should fulfill its responsibility of taking care of soldiers first to ease the burden of soldiers. We must remember that soldiers allow us to live a comfortable life.

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