The Partner of the Player - The Sports Agent
The Partner of the Player - The Sports Agent
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"Show me the money!" It is one of the best scenes in the movie "Jerry Maguire." In the movie, they are the words that the football player Rod shouts to Jerry Maguire. The meaning of the sentence is "Make me lots of money." and "Show me your ability." And it has been in common language ever since. So why did Rod say that to Jerry? It is just because Jerry is Rod’s agent.

Many people confuse sports agents and sports managers. Nevertheless it is a misunderstanding. It is because sports agents care for the players' family in Korea and globally. What is the job of the sports agent? According to FIFA, the sports agent's main role is "bringing into contact a player and a club in order to conclude an employment contract or two clubs in order to conclude a transfer contract, within a single member association or from one member association to another." And here are the details of the role of sports agents. Typically, the biggest responsibility for a sports agent is to negotiate a contract for the players the agent represents. Besides negotiating the amount of money a player is to be paid, the sports agent needs to know about other important factors for the represented player. The agent's job is to know the player represented and craft the best possible deal for that player. Agents also may work with the player to develop sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Also, a high-profile player may rely on the agent, to some extent, for public relations responsibilities. In addition, they find potential players. Also, they protect players from unfair sports norms and regulations.

Sports agents across the world are uniquely qualified just for professional football. Finally this sports agent system will be formally introduced to the KBO League at the end of 2017. How is it presently that there is no official agent system? Let's look at KBO (the Korea Baseball Organization). We notice it only allows one lawyer per player and it doesn't allow an agent. The only part of the role of an agent is legally stipulated. These are the details of the rule: In the sixth chapter of the player contract, article forty two, states that, One: In the case that a competitor intends to conclude a player contract through an agent, he shall only act as an attorney prescribed by the Attorney Act. Two: The attorney cannot substitute two or more players at the same time. Three: The date of enforcement of the attorney system is determined separately in the supplementary provision. Because of the rule, the attorney can substitute only one player, it is difficult to work as an attorney effectively well. The sports agents system has already been mentioned as a necessity and recently it has come to the fore. For example, in KBO, the player can enter an overseas league if he plays at least seven seasons in one team. So at that point, the player employs an agent. However, in Korea, even the attorney, not an agent, is the one of their family, relative, or friend who didn't receive special training. They can't perform their role properly.

On March 3rd, the KBO conducted an agent seminar in Seoul, and they provided a blueprint for instituting the proper role of the agent. Kim Seon-woong, secretary general of Korea Professional Baseball Players Association, said "The KBO and the players' cooperation voluntarily implemented the agent system separately from Ministry of Culture in order to improve the interests of players and to build a healthy sports industry base." and "We will certify people as agents under examination for verification for official approval of qualifications. The second test is for the evaluation of the applicants understanding and knowledge of a broad range of issues, and third is designating players and checking the relationship between the agent and player."

It's been a long time since it has been discussed. I expect the sports agent system to be introduced surely and shortly and that it produces a synergistic outcome for both players and teams.

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