Women and You
Women and You
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What do you think about women? Recently, the Korean movie VIP has been criticized because of how it portrayed women as sexual objects. Consequently people have declared a boycott for this movie. Another thing that has drawn criticism for how women are generalized is the song That Girl, sung by Jung Yong-hwa. The generalizations of women are not only confined to Korea, but they are also present in Muslim countries. People think that women’s appearance and chastity are so important and yet they commit crimes such as honor killings and forcing early marriage. Furthermore, in advanced countries society display violence towards women and discriminate against them. This makes the situation for women very serious as each day goes by.
The victim of the hate crimes and violence between lovers are almost always women. This is one form of gender violence. Gender violence refers to committing mental, physical, and sexual violence based on the hatred of contra-sexual. Gender violence includes men and women but most of the violence is usually directed towards women.

The generalization that our society makes for women is what causes poor attitudes about women. Society often conveys the message that women are weaker than men and therefore need to be protected. This generalization often appears in dramas and movies. The portrayal of this incorrect generalization, one which places women as social minorities and second class citizens, furthers the crimes against women.

Because of the increasing gender violence stemming from female hatred, a lot of women feel fear and anxiety. So women are demanding to improve their place in society. Last year, a woman was murdered at Gang-nam Station in Korea. This caused many women to have fear. Because of this case, women held protests to bring attention about the need to make society safer for women. The Korean government reacted by implementing systems to improve safety for women such as a safe return service for women who come home late, and subway seats for pregnant women.

The fight for women’s rights and safety continues to grow and spread throughout the world and Asia. India, a country that has experienced serious problems regarding women’s rights and safety, is making the issue more known. For example, in 2013, Indian actress Mallika Sherawat said, "India is not regressive society, but is a very regressive society only to women." At the same time, she strongly argued that solving the women rights problem is the duty of both women and men.

Our society's interest in protecting women and improving their place is growing but unfortunately another problem has begun due to this new attention. Some men claim that society is now discriminating against men. Because of this claim, some people are threatening and causing harm to women. Moreover, these violent people are saying that men are superior to women and society should eliminate systems to help improve their status. Of course, gender violence does not happen only to women, it happens to men as well. But our society has considered women as second-class citizens for a long time and it has contributed to women experiencing anxiety and fear because they are women.

Women are not second-class citizens. They may have less physical strength than men but they have equal value. Men and women are equal. It is important to remember that men are as important as women so reverse discriminations doesn’t happen. It is bad thinking to think of women as second class citizens. Women in the world are doing a lot of great work like men. Some examples of strong women include US politician, Hillary Clinton, the world's most influential broadcaster, Oprah Winfrey, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister, Teresa May.

Every year, November 25th is ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.’ Every woman in the world must have a progressive attitude for their rights and safety while avoiding discrimination against men in this process. We need to continue to work in creating a society that is free from fear and anxiety due to what gender we are, and we must learn to respect each other and live happily.

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