Combat Rations Around the World
Combat Rations Around the World
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It's getting colder day by day and campers are going camping outside. Nowadays, various festivals and events are conducted for campers so even inexperienced campers can enjoy camping in good conditions.

What's the best part of camping? It's probably eating food. Recently campers prefer foods that they can easily eat from retort foods to combat rations. Previously, many campers had time for barbecuing when they went camping. However now, on the contrary, many people are interested in combat rations and many have become enthusiasts. A combat ration is cooked food in advance. It can also be promptly used. These combat rations are the same meals that soldiers have in combat.

Why are combat rations highly popular among campers? Because they are convenient and there are a variety of different tastes. Considering convenience, combat rations don't require dish-washing because heating packs were enclosed in the combat rations. So many campers like that. For taste, previous combat rations didn't have good quality but now they have great flavors because of high technology. Combat Ration Individual Reheatable, or RCIR, of France was recognized around the world so South Korea is importing them now. As for variety, you can purchase various combat rations which are flavored for countries such as South Korea, France and The United States of America. Campers enjoy the diversity of food types to choose from.

So how do the combat rations differ for South Korea, France, and USA?
Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) is the name for the combat ration of the USA. The MRE is consisted of two types, A and B. Type A includes a variety of twelve meals, 1-12, designed for non-vegetarians. Type B includes options 13-24 for vegetarians. The best option is the number 9-beef stew of type A. It include a beef stew, heating packs, an energy bar, a spoon, a cracker, cheese, beverages, and vanilla powder. The beef stew is very tender even though it doesn’t look like it. And it is not as salty as the others so Koreans can easily eat this.

RCIR is the combat ration of France. RCIR is also consists of two types, type A and B. Each type includes five main dishes and seven side dishes. Sausage casserole is popular among campers. It has two large sausages and risotto of French style. Many people can eat the sausage casserole because it has a prevalent taste. When you feel it is too greasy, you will feel better if you eat the risotto.

The K-ration is the combat ration of South Korea. K-rations have diversity likes other countries. The best meal is the vegetable bibimbap with red pepper paste. It includes a disposable container, a red pepper paste for bibimbap, hard tack and some meatballs. It is excellent for campers who prefer Korean food.

The combat ration was created for soldiers. It was developed for convenient eating. Why is there a sudden increase in demand of the combat ration? People are buying combat rations because they have more money and want to improve their quality of life when they have leisure time.

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