What's Happened to the Mavni Program?
What's Happened to the Mavni Program?
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The United States of America was in a difficult situation of maintaining military manpower levels in 2005. High quality human resources who include Ivy League university graduates didn’t want to be soldiers. In addition, the Pentagon had a difficult time retaining the number of soldiers needed. Often recruiting officers went to local citizens of low education and try to get them to apply for the army. Their efforts didn't accomplish much. The conflicts

in the middle east and the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program added difficulty in recruiting new soldiers. As a result, Robert Gates, Minister of National Defense of the USA, instituted the Mavni program in 2006. The Mavni program is a temporary policy for the expansion of manpower.

It is permits foreigners who don’t have permanent resident status to join the US military. This program prefers people who command a foreign language which include Arabic, Persian, Korean, among others. The Pentagon selected a total of 890 soldiers as part of the Mavni program in 2008. Many foreigners can get a green card through the Mavni program. And they can also receive military benefits which include $70,000 for education. Because of these benefits many Koreans have applied for the Mavni program. In May of Some American’s opposed the Mavni program because they felt that it was excessive spending on foreigners. They believed that would have negative effects on economic activity.

The Mavni program has experiencing many difficulties. The Pentagon announced an interruption of the Mavni program because quota goals had been met and cash shortages. Many Korean students were disappointed about the total suspension because they aimed to apply for the Mavni program. They hoped for a better life and believed that the Mavni program would give them that. Radio Korea News reported that Korean students were hanging on to hope that the Mavni program would restart.

One month ago, a petition to restart the Mavni program was initiated by Diana Mavlanova who is from Central Asia. The petition is named Reopen MAVNI Program FY-2017 and is being conducted on the web site (change.org). As of November 5th of this year, 1702 people have signed. Mavlanova said “We urge the revival of the Mavni program. This program is the best way to maintain US status by accommodating foreign languages. And participants get a sense of civic pride and loyalty through this program. It helps us protect USA from other countries and to achieve our dream”. 

If you want to support them, you can sign in on web site at https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-reopen-mavni-program-fy-2017. The Manvi program may have negative effects on the US economy but many people have lost their dream because of the suspension. The campaign to reopen the Mavni program continues.

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