The Eyes of the World are upon Us
The Eyes of the World are upon Us
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Recently, the eyes of the world are concentrating upon South Korea’s situation of Park Geun Hye-Choi Sunsil Gate. The view of South Korea has fallen greatly as a consequence. At this time, how is the foreign press reporting this issue?

South China’s Morning Post expressed the opinion that Choi Sunsil is the Rasputin of Korea. It said that she holds a supernatural power over Park Geun Hye. The New York Times reported that Choi Sunsil is a total stranger and most Koreans say she is a fortune-teller. The Washington Post said that Choi Sunsil is a shaman and criticized this issue saying that his kind of scandal could only appear on TV dramas. The Business Insider based in the US reported that many Koreans are angered because of the Park Geun Hye-Choi Sunsil Gate. The Japanese press said that Choi Sunsil is an acquaintance of Park and that she is an influential unknown person, a civilian woman, and a businesswoman.

The democracy of South Korea is on the verge of collapsing due to Park Guen Hye-Choi Sunsil Gate. The United States also experienced a presidential scandal called Water Gate. After Water Gate happened in 1972, Americans removed Richard Nixon from his position as president in 1974. That’s because many citizens were continually interested in that issue and they actively participated in demanding his resignation. In South Korea, coverage of this issue is taking attention away from other important issues. The state of South Korea’s democracy will become can be more serious if Choi Sunsil is only punished on this issue. The eyes of the world are upon South Korea.

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