Opinion : Reflections on Korean Rescue Through Thailand Cave Rescue
Opinion : Reflections on Korean Rescue Through Thailand Cave Rescue
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On July 10, 2018, a miracle happened in Thailand when an international team rescued twelve soccer players and their coach from a cave. The 'Cave Boys' who ventured into the cave for courage training were trapped after sudden rain flooded the cave on June 23. The rescue effort took 17 days. This wonderful miracle was made by Thailand government's ability to handle crises, the help of multinational experts and the dedication of the coach.

Thailand’s government response made their situation better. The government made public the whole process of resolving the incident. The government's rescue were carried out calmly despite the death of a rescuer. Although Governor Chianglai, who is in charge of the site, was appointed to another location during the accident, the government continued to grant him a right to direct the scene. That decision was right. He was well received for his role as a coordinator of a multinational rescue team. The government's consideration is also notable. During the three days of rescue, the government did not disclose names of the rescued boys to the media. It was to prevent emotional confusion among the families of the boys who have yet to be rescued.

A multinational search team comprised of 90 divers from various countries including the United States and Britain claimed to help.

For his part, the young coach took care of the children in a dark cave, handing out a small amount of snacks.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the Thai cave incident only shows the good side. Some netizens wonder why they chose the place of training as a cave. It seem that they decided the location without considering the danger because there was the beginning of the rainy season. Also, on the sign in front of the cave, there was a warning sign that 'do not enter the cave in rainy season.' Nevertheless, they entered the cave, so they deserve criticism.

While Thai's and the world celebrated, Koreans continue to grieve about a disaster with a tragic outcome. The process of answering the question about why the Sewol sunk was not transparent. Government only focused on controlling the media. Meanwhile, the Korean public discovered through pictures that the crew escaped from the capsized ship while most of the young passengers were on board. Initial refusal to raise the ship for the eventual recovery of missing students, deepened the emotional pain of grieving parents.

When the Sewol ferry disaster took place, Japan and America offered a helping hand, but  Korea rejected the help.

The press made this case worse. Immediately after the incident, the number of survivors was reported and the news was reported without any hard evidence, leaving some parents to wonder if their child was still alive.

Our nation should correct something wrong by taking a lesson from this incident. Koreans often choose dangerous training places to boost of courage of participants. Although we may be complacent yet, if something like this happens, we just make the same mistake.

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