Low cost airlines seek new customers with entertainment extras.
Low cost airlines seek new customers with entertainment extras.
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The aisle of an airline can be a fashion runway, and magic shows can replace a movie.

Recently, many airlines have been offering new in-flight services to give special memories to passengers and relieve their tedious flight hours. Airlines have created special flight team to offer unique entertainment and shopping experiences for passengers. the airlines hope that these new options will prompt passengers to fly more often. So, what other services do besides in-flight meals and drink services we usually know?

Jeju airline, a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) has the most in-flight event services. The" Fun service team" plays games with their passengers, guides the night view outside the window, and offers caricatures. Among these services, they are trying to get as many customers as possible to participate in the event.

T-Way, another LCC provides live music and singing performances. Passengers on Air Busan can receive a tarot card reading. Since the Tarot team is also taking flights to Southeast Asia and the Americas four times a month, the flight schedule must be checked.

As such, many airlines are making diverse efforts for specialized in-flight services. The service is expected to be upgraded and continued as passenger feedback is also positive. If you are using a plane during the upcoming student activity week and Chuseok holidays, why not apply in advance for a special service?

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