From Russia World Cup to Qatar
From Russia World Cup to Qatar
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The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia ended in great success. The World Cup introduced a VAR reading differently than before. VAR stands for value at risk which measures the risk of loss for investments. The system has had a profound impact on the World Cup as many games have been won and lost. A representative example of how the system operates can be seen when we look at Kim Young-kwon's goal in Korea and Germany. I want to re-examine the football team of France which won the World Cup with overwhelming power in the Russia World Cup and the football team of Korea.

Spain, Germany, and Brazil, who were considered candidates for the championship with France, tasted the bitterness of being eliminated early in this World Cup, but France was different. In a situation where victory was necessary, they won a solid victory and passed through the group league and the tournament smoothly. Finally, France has become the sixth country to win two or more times, winning a second World Cup Championship 20 years after the 1998 World Cup in France.

This golden age of France has different strengths as well as skill. First, the athletes' average age was very young. The average age of the French national team was 25, the second youngest team in the world cup. Therefore, the French national team was the optimal age to show the skills of the best players without signs of aging as opposed to the Euro 2020, 2022 Qatar World Cup. Second, you can easily see the winning titles in a short career of these young players. It's hard to find a team of players who have once won in Europe's top five leagues, cups and European club competitions. But they tasted the championship in their clubs and won the World Cup so this experience is expected to help the players grow.

In contrast to the stable rebuilding in France, Korea has been replaced by a manager with two games left in the preliminary round. The coach Tae-yong Shin made up entries to suspend regionalism, school relations, and kinship.  Those moves contributed to Korea’s lacklustre performance in the pre-World Cup game. There was no improvement in the Russian World Cup except for the game against Germany.

On July 2, the chairman of the Korea Football Association's Technology Development Resignation resigned voluntarily. The Korean Football Association has signed a contract with Bentoo, who has led Portugal's national team, and is dreaming of rebuilding Korean football. But what will happen is still ambiguous.

Unlike the previous World Cup, the Qatar World Cup in 2022 will be held from November to December, not from June to July. The European football leagues, including the European 5th league, start in mid-August and end in early June the following year, so clubs must send their players to the World Cup during the season. It is still scheduled to be coordinated between the Qatari World Cup organizers and European clubs, but the conflict is expected to deepen.

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