Welcome New Professor of Seowon News!
Welcome New Professor of Seowon News!
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(Picture = Professor Donald Payzant)
(Picture = Professor Donald Payzant)

Q. Would you please introduce yourself?
A. Hello Seowon News Readers. My name is Donald Payzant. I came to Seowon University in 2017 so this is my second year here. I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada. I have traveled to different places but I never lived outside of Canada. I came to Korea because I wanted to work as a teacher, and I wanted to experience a different culture. I have been here for more than ten years now, so I know a little bit about Korea, but I always want to learn more. The best way to learn is to read foreign newspapers, so I try to read the news from various countries every day. Your journey can start here! 

Q. What is your role in the Seowon Newspaper?
A. My job is to help the student reporters write articles that are interesting to students. With the editing process, I try to help the students find good story ideas, organize their writing and add interesting details. If they can do that, maybe they can get a job as a writer someday. 

Q. I heard that you worked as a journalist. If so, what do you think good writing is?
A. Writing is creative, and it’s about finding good ideas. Journalism is the process of using creativity and good ideas in the specific format of a news article. To do that always requires some rewriting and reorganizing of ideas. 

Q. What should we do to write well?
A. Don’t think about grammar too much! Instead, try to read in English more. Then you can see the word and sentence patterns that good writers use and try to use those same patterns when you write.  When you rewrite your article, you have a better idea about the organization of ideas. That’s editing. After that, you can check spelling, grammar and punctuation. That’s proofreading.

Q. Finally, would you make any comments to Seowon students?
A. Writing is a valuable skill. If you can learn how to write well in Korean or English, you can have better job opportunities. Also, Korea is becoming world-famous but most people don’t know enough about Korea. Good writing skill can help you tell people about your country. 

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