Let’s Donate! –Ice Bucket Challenge
Let’s Donate! –Ice Bucket Challenge
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Charitable Students on a budget can donate time and talent instead of money.

The Korean singer, Sean (Noh Seung Hwan) of the hip hop duo ‘Jinsean’ launched a new chartable video in May of this year. In the video, he stood as a bucket of Ice Water was dumped on his head. Completing the Ice Bucket Challenge costs $100 and each participant challenges three other people to do the same. The money raised pays for research to find a cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease for which there is a new hospital in Korea.

Many students would love to do the Ice Bucket challenge but can’t afford such a high donation amount. Fortunately, there are less expensive options.

‘Hee-eum awareness bracelets’ are one way. Bracelets are less than w10,000 and the money from sales provides ongoing support to the cause of Korean comfort women. The ‘Hee-eum’ website (www.joinheeum.com)also sells bags, clothes, and pouches.

Buying ‘Bfriend bracelets’ or ‘New:kit bracelets’ is another option. ‘Bfriend(www.bfriend.org)’ is a support group for starving children. Money from the sale of ‘New:kit bracelets’ helps endangered animals like polar bears and penguins.

Second, those with very little money but artistic talent can paint a mural. A handful of volunteer organizations locate large walls, buildings facades or stairways which are potential focal points and decorate them with colorful murals. Contact ‘The Gream(http://www.thegream.com/)’ or ‘Neoman(http://neoman.co.kr/)’ for volunteer opportunities.

Students with an open mind and a little time can volunteer. ‘Korean Culture Supporters(http://cafe.naver.com/nanum76)’ can mentor local students. Volunteering with the ‘Hee-mang Bridge(relief.or.kr)’ organization, you can help climate refugees by buying ‘From the Earth’ bracelets, or decorating T-shirts.

For more information about donation campaigns, check these websites.
(https://www.netcredit.com/blog/charitable-without-money/, https://www.theguardian.com/money/2012/may/15/best-ways-give-charity-without-donating-money)


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