Digital Funerals and Virtual Flying : Jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Digital Funerals and Virtual Flying : Jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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The rise of digital technology and the internet, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, creates unexpected employment opportunities for tech-savvy people. Some reside completely in the digital world. Others apply technology to ancient pastimes.

The first promising job is 'Digital Undertaker'. This occupation, which started in the United States, was originally aimed at erasing online accounts, posts, and security cards from people who have died. Recently, it has been used for the purpose of deleting abusive comments and illegally circulated video in Korea. When the customer asks to delete the data, the digital undertaker searches the related posts on the domestic and overseas sites. And then he asks the site operator to delete the post and notifies the customer when the post was deleted. As personal privacy problems are emerging, more and more people need this job. According to the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), this job is expected to grow rapidly in the next five years. SantaCruise Company, founded in 2008, the first Korean company to offer this service, was profiled in the Korea Herald last year. The Seowon University departments most closely related to 'digital undertaker' are computer science and information security.

Applying digital technology to change the ancient art of flying is the new job of 'Drone Pilot'. Drone Pilots remain on the ground and use improved remote control technology to guide the drones. The small aircraft use four or more battery powered motors to drive small rotary propellers. Just like hummingbirds, drones can take off, turn, and fly precising thanks to four or more battery powered propellors. At first, large drone airplanes were used for military purposes. However, in recent years, small helicopter style drones are more common. They are used in various fields such as agriculture and broadcasting. For example, people use drones to spray pesticides on crops and film the ground in the sky. Following this trend, many universities are offering courses about drones. The number of people who obtain drone qualification is also increasing. Demand for drone pilots is high, but there is a shortage of skilled manpower. If you can control the machine well and you are interested in the drone, it is good to challenge the drone pilot.

Student must prepare about changes because promising jobs always change according to social trends. Keep in mind that there is no right answer to getting a job. If you look at various jobs related to your major and are ready to adapt to a new society, you will be able to get a step closer to your job.

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