Set Goals and Try Your Best
Set Goals and Try Your Best
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Q1. Would you please introduce yourself?

A1. Hello, I'm Jin Ha-eun, a pharmaceutical science engineering major graduate from Seowon University. I am working for a company called Contract Research Organization (CRO). This company mainly consults the clinical trial cost of pharmaceutical companies in the world and handles their overall process. I am working for the company as a Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA). I manage the documents for clinical trials and report them to sponsors.

Q2. How did you get into this company?

A2. At first, my professor told me about CRO company. When I heard the the job in the company, I thought it would fit me well so I looked up the CRO company and found that 'IQVIA' is growing fast in Korea. I accordingly decided to apply to this company.

When I was first interviewed, it was by telephone. This interview was conducted with simple questions. The second was an in-depth interview in person. I had to prepare a lot for the interview because I had to answer in English. First, I  did a lot of research on the company. And in the case of an English interview, the interviewers usually do not ask hard questions, so I prepared basic answers like my strengths and weaknesses. During the interview, the interviewer was looking to see if the interviewees have a deep knowledge of the areas they want to go to. It is important to have good grades in English tests such as TOEIC and OPIC. But I think that a positive attitude is the most important thing. During the interview, the interviewers preferred smiles and a bright energy.

Q3. What are the merits of a foreign company?

A3. The advantage of a foreign company is that they treat women very well. Women can use maternity leave for up to one year and have shortened working hours during pregnancy. This company also gives men a vacation to help with postnatal care of his wife. The second is that the working hours are flexible. You just need to fill 40 hours a week and keep core time (10 am ~ 4 pm). It is also has a great benefit of allowing workers to work from home once a week.

Q4. How should students prepare for getting jobs during this winter vacation?

Q4. I think that a quick way to find success is to set a clear goal first. It is advisable to first decide which field or company you want to go into. Don't be so impatient. And concentrate on what you need to prepare for. If you do your best in the present moment, rather than regret the time in the past, you will get good results.

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