Artists of This Era : Video Editors
Artists of This Era : Video Editors
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Wassup Man has gained explosive popularity recently. It is a YouTube channel run by Park Joon-hyeong, a member of the singer group GOD. There are images of his daily life, and there are videos about traveling to various places in Korea. If he included all the images he films, the videos would be uninteresting. Choosing the right combination of images and sounds is entertaining. That’s the clever technique of the video editor.

Along with video makers, editors are part of the new age of creators. One-person media creators working on video-based social networking services (SNS), such as YouTube and Africa TV are popular. In the one-media era, the final product of expression is a video. So video editors are playing an important role in this era. Creators work in Korea and all over the world.

Video editors play various roles. They can either work for broadcasting companies to add sound effects, and animations to comedy programs, or they collaborate with private YouTube workers. In addition, they can also work as freelancers who are requested to edit SNS PR videos.

You need several qualifications to work as an video editor. You should be able to meet deadlines, consult with clients and use professional video editing software like Final cut pro, or Adobe Premiere.

However, there are many areas that need improvement. When they also collaborate with creators, the video editors do not get good treatment from the creators. In order to confirm this and to listen to the editors’position, I interviewed a student who is in the department of advertising and public relations at Seowon University and working as a video editor.


-Seowon News: Please introduce yourself briefly.

-Jang Hye-ryong: I am Jang Hye-ryong,who is in advertising and public relations department for two years and Doing video editing work.

-SN: Recently I was told that the main client of the image editor is the creator. How are you employed when collaborating with creators?

-JHR: Usually the creator uploads an editorial job announcement to their YouTube channel or SNS. Then, when freelance editors who are interested in the work send the portfolio to the creator, the creator sees the portfolio, interviews and picks one.

-SN: How do you work with them?

-JHR: After the recruitment, it is slightly different according to the contents of the contract. Usually, in the early days, the creator simply edits his videos and sends them in the desired direction. Then the video edi￾tor adds subtitles or effects.

-SN: I heard that it is not good for the video editor as much as the creator’s popularity. How are you currently treated as an video editor?

-JHR: Certainly, most editors do not get a proper payout unless they are editors of famous creators. Many people come into the field of video editing. However, people who do not know how much their own skills are working at lower prices than their own skills, the average unit price is falling.

-SN: What are your thoughts on these issues?

-JHR: The editors need to first see their skills objectively. I think that it should be a matter of course to work as hard as you can and to get a reasonable pay as much as you can.

As such, there are many things that are required to become video editors, and there are many disadvantages as well as job merits. If you are willing to be a video editor, it is best to meet a current video editor first.

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