Meet Counselling Center in Seowon University
Meet Counselling Center in Seowon University
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Seowon University students don’t have enough time. They must go to class, listen, take notes, study, research write and present. Somehow, they must also eat, sleep, see their friends and sometimes work. Time is even shorter just before exam week. For students who struggle to manage their time, the Student Counselling Center has resources and information to help students like Park Ha-jin and Kim Jin-a.

When asked how she deals with time management these days, English education major Ha-jin said "I did my assignment quickly as I could, and when time is left, I study alone or with my study-group members."

At the end of a busy day, Korean Education student Kim Jin-a said "I was stressed because I had a lot of studying and homework." She added "To get rid of my stress, I play computer games."

Seowon News visited the Counselling Center recently to speak about time management with Kim Jin-hee from the counselling center.

-Seowon News: Are you preparing a separate program after November of this year or a program for next March?

-Kim Jin-hee: Yes, in November this year, we are planning to hold the UCC Contest to promote programs and be designated as ‘Psychological Day’, which will help students get access to psychological testing more easily.

-SN: Can you give your university students an opinion on how to manage their time?

-KJH: There are many different reasons why they fail to deal with their time, so first, you have to know yourself what is the problem. The typical way is to plan and prioritize and begin. For example, plan to set up a list of times during the day that I can use, prioritize, and allocate specific amounts of work. Also, it is important to be willing to do it.

-SN: Lastly, tell me what you want the students to know about the counseling center.

-KJH: There are quite a few students who don’t know or are not easily visited the counseling center. Maybe it’s because they’re busy with their school life preparing for school and getting a job. These are also important, but I think understanding themselves is the most important thing. Knowing who you are helps you understand your desires and feelings so that you can plan your life. If you have problems understanding yourself, just come to the counseling center. We always keep your secrets, so don’t worry about that. We will also try the Student Counseling Center to make it easier for many students to visit.

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