Tech-Lash Against IT Companies
Tech-Lash Against IT Companies
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"Sweep Tech Not Tents,” shouted protestors. Recently there have been incidents where residents organized demonstrators to block roads and attack commuter buses in Silicon Valley, America. It is derived from ‘Tech-lash’. What is  ‘tech-lash’ and and why is this happening?

Tech-lash is the compound word of technology and backlash. It is a term that describes the resistance against big IT companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. There is a dark side of the Silicon Valley’s paradox in the Tech-lash phenomenon. According to the Silicon Valley Index released earlier this year, the unemployment rate in Silicon Valley last year was 2.5 percent, significantly lower than the US unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, and the average annual income was $131,000, nearly double the average income in the United States. However, the residents appealed that it is harder to live. While the IT companies are increasingly getting bigger, there so are the  problems like security and house prices. Accordingly, in Silicon Valley, real estate prices have increased because of IT companies which has made many existing residents leave their home. This is the reason for the  demonstrations in Silicon Valley.

What about tech-lash in Korea? There is a serious problem of the dependence to Samsung. Gross Domestic Product GDP can be also used as an indicator that shows how much a particular country depends on a particular firm. Korea’s GDP was the highest among the 15 major countries.Many economists warned that the Korean economy, which is highly dependent on Samsung, can be the second Finland. In Finland, because of much dependence on Nokia, as soon as it collapsed, their all economy was attacked. Likewise, many experts say Korea’s economy depends too much on Samsung, both now and 20 years ago. Moreover, they emphasized it is urgent to create a base that can lead the economy with the emergence of new companies.

Technology development brings not only benefits but also disadvantages. Therefore, we should keep in mind of the tech-lash disadvantage. Furthermore, we should not rely too much on technology. We should be able to live independently.


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