Love Yourself
Love Yourself
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Look Is Not Everything, Fight Against Lookism
[Infographic = Gim Seon-hwa]
[Infographic = Gim Seon-hwa]

Lookism - Looks are supreme

At an elementary school, one student suddenly spits out her food. “I’m overweight. I want to be skinny,” says the student. What makes the young kid think like this?

Lookism is prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s appearance. Also, appearance affects social life like love, marriage, and even promotion in a company. Because of these prejudices, people obsess over their looks. It is a vicious circle.

In Korea, lookism is a serious problem. For example, Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita rate. There is even a Korean term that means employment plastic surgery. This term describes people who get plastic surgery just for getting a job. Also, in Korea, when writing a resume people have to attach their photographs.

On the other hand, in the US, it is not only illegal to require photographs but it is also illegal for employers to require personal information such as age. The reason behind that law is appearance has nothing to do with ability.

Recently, there are rising trends against lookism in the world.  Examples of this can be seen with the emergence of plus-size models, no foundation, no photoshop in the fashion industry and body positive messages. Plus-size models are breaking previous social convention, that models must have a thin body. Also, the famous lipstick brand M.A.C. Cosmetics did not photoshop a model’s facial hair. This is also a case of breaking social norms about models. Body positive movement is accepting who you are and learning about every part of yourself. It is an inclusive concept not only limited to body shape or size but race and gender.

Pursuing beauty is the nature of human. However, people are not supposed to put the highest value on one's appearance. Real beauty is natural. Also, there is no standard of beauty. In ancient times, the standard of beauty was quite different than it is now. It is always changing so we should accept difference. Consider the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Instead of focusing on appearance, we should develop our inner beauty. Love yourself just the way you are.

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