Pre-service Teacher Education Curricula for Creative Education
Pre-service Teacher Education Curricula for Creative Education
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A three-year trial program aimed at boosting creativity in the Korean Education system started in the College of Education at Seowon University this semester. Students in various education departments will be able to practice student-centered learning techniques, delivering more creative teachers into the future education landscape.

The project is a join effort by the ministry of Education, a government body, and KOFAC (Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity). The name of this project is Pre-service Teacher Education Curricula for creative education in school.

If successful, the program develops the creative capacity of pre-service teachers. The Seowon University is the only private local university among five universities selected for the program.

To give more details about the program, Seowon News sat down with Park Hye-sook, the dean of college of Education Professor.

-Seowon News: What is the Purpose of this project?
-Park Hye-sook: The introduction of the 2015 Revised National Curriculum requires teachers to cultivate professionalism and qualification in creativity education. Because the key point of this new curriculum is to foster creative and integrative learners, teachers will have to move away from the traditional teacher-centered/lecture-based instruction. The traditional instruction method contributes nothing to real learning. In place of teacher centered, learner-centered teaching will become the main method of class. Therefore, the college of education in the Seowon University creates a new educational model for pre-service teachers. Also, I decide the vision of this project is “Leading to cultivate pre-service teacher for creative education for happy future classroom.”

-SN: How does the business operate?
-PHS: First, for cultivation of 2015 Revised National Curriculum and creative education, more than three teaching training courses, more than two subject matter education courses and one subject content education must be improved aspects of teaching method. For example, there are project learning, backward design, integration of subject and evaluation.
Second, strengthen the connection between teacher training institute and chalkface. Therefore, our university hold forums for each subject.

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