The New Driving Culture - Car Sharing
The New Driving Culture - Car Sharing
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Right now a person can rent a car by the minute. It’s relatively inexpensive and many university students rent this way. They only needs a driver’s license with one year’s driving experience. By the minute renting is called car-sharing. It is popular and can be useful if you want to avoid the burden of maintaining a car and if you need a car for less than a day.

Currently there are four Korean car-sharing companies : So-car, Green-Car, City Car and People-Car. Cars with the So-car and Green car labels are most common around Seowon University.  It is only available to persons aged 21 and over with more than one year after obtaining a driver's license. Despite that, the number of users has increased since 'Green Car', the first Korean car-sharing company, began in 2011.   

Like other countries with this service, college students or young people use car-sharing the most. It is convenient and relatively inexpensive because rental charges are by the minute. Using a car sharing service can be done by cell phone without complicated procedures. 

That’s what Yoo Hye-jin (Airline Service 16) likes about car sharing. 

"I often use car-sharing because it is useful for young people without cars and no cumbersome procedures. Also, although many people ride the car, the inside and outside are clean. However, when the car is faults, it does not seem to be being repaired immediately."

The Car-Sharing business is becoming more prosperous because it costs about 30 percent less than regular car rental. Hong Joon Ki (Chinese 15 ) agrees.

Car-sharing is easy to rent a car by the hour. Since car-sharing issues many coupons in mobile phone applications, it can be used relatively cheaply with discounts. However, if we rent car-for long time and long distances, it can be more expensive than a regular rental car because it will have to pay the cost of how many miles it has drive.

Car-sharing began in 1987 when neighbors jointly purchased cars in Switzerland. Currently, it is serving 10,000 cities in 60 countries. As such, car-sharing has become very common and is also an industry that represents a shared economy in the world.

Car sharing is part of the larger  "shared economy", with promotes renting over ownership, Currently, the number of cars operated by car-sharing companies is about 12,000 as of this year, with an estimated 4.8 million members joining them. All this popularity creates new problems. 
According to a report by the Korea Institute of Insurance, the accident rate of cars operated by car-sharing companies accounted for 43.7 percent of the total number of people and 149.6 percent of the total amount of goods. The figure is about 10 times higher than the personal accident rate.

To solve this problem, both businesses and consumers will have to respect each other in the future.  Businesses will have to build safer facilities and institutions for consumers, and consumers will have to keep the rules more safely and more carefully. Then we can realize a better shared economy and create a better car-sharing culture.

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