The Backside of the Korean Education : SKY Castle
The Backside of the Korean Education : SKY Castle
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It is already a widespread fact that South Korea spends the most time studying among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. Current Korean parents and students want to enter good universities such as Seoul University, Ko-ryeo University, and Yeon-sei University. They have too much enthusiasm about entering a prestigious university.

Therefore, a lot of parents push their children into private learning called hagwons. Korean high school students often finish school at 10 pm, and most go to private academies until 2 or 3 am.

Then they have no time to think what they really want to do, review what they have learned, and look back on themselves. Seemingly, students are regarded as nothing but a study-machine.

(Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo) A realistic drama which shows Korean education system
(Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo) A realistic drama which shows Korean education system

A real comic satire drama, SKY Castle shows these realities of the Korean education.  The show ended on February 1st. Sky Castle is about the families of high-class men who work as university hospital doctors and law school professors. They are the top 0.1 percent of husbands in Korea who have wealth, honor, power, and wives who want to raise their children as princes and princesses. The wives struggle to create a third generation of doctors and legal professionals.

There are four different families that SKY Castle tells the stories of. Among them, Ye-seo’s family wants Ye-seo to be a doctor, and her mother hires a famous education coordinator. However, when she begins to help her study, the tragedy of Ye-seo’s family starts.

“ Mrs, you have to trust me completely. ” This was a famous line by the education coordinator Kim Ju-young when she spoke to Ye-seo’s mother. It serves as an opportunity for a family to fall into the depths of darkness. Actually, this drama shows the darkness of the Korean education system. Traditionally, dramas set in school were only set in a school and focused on student relationships. Unlike these high-teen dramas, this highlighted a reality of parents’ passions and students’ burdens.

“ I hope this drama will save a family. ” This sentence was said by a writer at the beginning of the script reading. The writer wrote the scenario with a great sense of mission. She has raised her children, and also had the experience of raising her children up through college. At the same time, she heard countless news reports of students committing suicide due to academic stress.

She expressed her regret for Korean students in the drama and decided to point out the bizarre growth of the private education market and collapsing public education. Now, why don’t we look back on Korean education and decide what our priorities are?

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