Let’s Go with a Working Holiday Visa
Let’s Go with a Working Holiday Visa
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(Infographic = By reporter, Kang In-cheol) Countries of possible Working holiday
(Infographic = By reporter, Kang In-cheol) Countries of possible Working holiday

Everyone has dreams and hopes in their life but it is difficult fulfilling goals for Koreans under the present situation in Korea. Many young Koreans aim to get a job however getting a job is not the only important thing in your life. Various life experiences will be the biggest factors for helping a person grow up and be well rounded. The working holiday helps young people experience diverse things while working abroad. You can also raise money for traveling. Life needs these experiences. Which country would you prefer to visit with a working holiday visa? Why did Jae-hyeok Lee choose Australia for a working holiday destination?

Many South Koreans say that working holiday visas are great. Jae-hyeok Lee a junior in Seowon University thinks so too. He flew from Korea to Australia in 2014 after looking into working holidays.  He went because of the freedom and the pursuit of happiness it allowed him. He was there for six months and worked on a big strawberry farm for two months and as a barista for three months. Everything was very new to him since it was his first time standing alone. He felt free and stressfree while he was working. He did not need to study very hard and had a very jolly time in Australia.  Finally, he said “We have only a short time to experience everything in the world. Of course, the challenges can be scary but you must overcome your fears. You should make time rather than find the time left. You can also do it better than me. Try it.”

Why do young people want working holiday visas?

First, many can receive higher wages than they could make in Korea. Second, boyfriends or girlfriends encourage their partners to try the working holiday. Third, working holidays help people get out of their current situation. Finally, it is to live a happier life. In addition, it has both merits and demerits. After completing a working holiday, people have more confidence in having a conversation in a foreign language feel better prepared to take on new challenges. But some demerits include homesickness, racism, and differences from what they were expecting about working holidays.

Possible working holiday countries and preference of Koreans

You can apply for 24 countries. Job Korea surveyed 355 people over the age of 20 and according to the data, 47% wanted to go to Australia, 18% to Canada, and 14.6% to Japan.  Australia accounted for almost half of the entire people who took the survey. But the stats cannot be absolutely trusted because the standard of the quarter differs from each country.

Try exciting South America for a very unique experience

Many young people choose English-speaking countries and never consider South America because they don’t know much about it. You can apply for Chile or Argentina and experience a vibrant culture for a cheap price. Before leaving, you have to be aware that the overall culture is quite unlike Europe, Asia, and English-speaking countries. If you have any questions, visit the website http://whic.mofa.go.kr/index.do.

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